The General VA (GVA) is that one person that you can lean on to help you, day to day, more so than any other employee. They are true time savers! If you don’t have one on board in your business yet – get one now!



Email & Schedule Management Tasks

One of the biggest time wasting things you do is check your email. Working with your VA to handle your email, as well as things like your calendar is essential to becoming more productive in your business.

✓  Filtering Emails / Wanted and Unwanted Promotional Emails.

Check company Spam Folder once a day to find and retrieve non-spam

Database Building

Enter new customers or orders into CRM

Answering Customer Service Emails /Tickets

Sending of Greetings eCards, Event Invitations, etc.

Check Emails regularly

 ✓ Utilize templated email responses for all common email inquiries

 ✓ Forward emails which need a custom reply to manager

✓ Reminder Services

CRM Management

✓  Updating Contacts in CRM

Encode meeting notes into CRM

Review all new contacts daily and delete any spam emails

Review new contacts and capitalise the first letter of names

Ensure all mobile phone numbers are properly formatted for SMS

Remove subscribers from your list that requested to be removed

Find emails perpetually hard bouncing, call/SMS to get a new email

 ✓ If a mail is returned to sender, call/SMS to get a new postal address

 ✓ Go through CRM to find leads that are slipping away and alert manager

After meetings, ask manager for notes and outcome and update CRM

✓ If required, create new customers lists for future marketing campaigns

✓  Work with team members to prepare labels for mail outs

✓ Send a weekly report to your manager with numbers of new leads

✓ Work with manager to discuss what activities could be automated

✓ When trained, work with manager to plan and build auto-responders

Calendar Management

✓  Schedule meetings (online and in person)

If the meeting is off-site, block the travel time and link to map

Reconfirm meetings 24 hours prior to the appointment

✓ Book travel and accommodation and enter travel dates

Book Restaurants and enter in calendar

Put staff birthdays in calendar and add an auto reminder

File Storage & Organization Tasks

Being organized is a key to being productive. Your VA can help you systematize and put processes in place to help your business become more organized.

✓  Google Drive and Sharepoint Organization

Data Entry

Database Building

Creating / Managing Spreadsheets

Preparing Powerpoint / Keynote Presentations

PDF Conversion, Splitting and Merging

Administrative Tasks

✓  Attend meetings with manager and take meeting minutes

Organize Google Drive, Ensure files added are correctly labeled

Review feedback forms and summarise key findings

Organise gifts or hampers to be sent to VIP clients

Prepare and send all invoices

Follow up all outstanding invoices and ask for payment

✓ Assist manager with the onboarding of new customers

✓ Training Tasks

✓ Transcription of Video and Audio Files

✓ Preparing Online Meeting Minutes

✓ Report Creation

✓ Forms Creation

✓ Document Template Creation

✓ Receptionist Duties

✓  Voicemail CheckingSending Client Invoices

✓ Purchase gifts for staff, customers, family or friends

✓ Preparation of Training Materials

✓ Training of New Virtual Assistants

✓ Deadline / Deliverables Tracking

Project Management

✓  Encode all new tasks into Project Management system (Asana/Teamwork/Trello/Planner)

Check Tasks daily and update status

Oversee manager’s task list and keep it updated

Project Management Between You and your Team members

Customer Service

✓  Answer incoming phone calls and assist with enquiries

Check company voicemail 3-4 times per day and call back or forward to manager

Make outbound phone calls to leads and customers

✓ Check messages from all social media and reply or forward to manager

✓ Chat Support

✓ Personally thank everyone who left a review

✓ Send clients Happy Birthday messages


✓  Add training links to each item in mind map

Create a system in Google Sites and Sharepoint for every new task

Document each system in Google Sites-from training videos provided by the principal

Create a 1 page flowchart from each system

Social Media Management

✓  Resize and crop photos before uploading to social media

Research and document ideas for future social media content

Use social media scheduling tool to save time (personal and company pages)

Using templates to reply to social media comments or DMs

✓ Using templates to comment on posts

✓ Send Happy Birthday messages to friends on Facebook

✓ Create Facebook Group

✓ Manage Facebook Group

✓ Check Facebook Groups and look for posts to engage with

✓ Promoting Facebook Pages

✓ Creating a Twitter Account

✓  Managing and Increasing Your Twitter Following

✓ Schedule Tweets and Track Mentions and Hashtags

✓ Create and Manage YouTube Account

✓ Upload Videos on YouTube

✓ Moderating YouTube Comments

✓ Create and Manage LinkedIn Account / Profile

✓ LinkedIn Outreach. Use templates to connect and engage with your avatar

✓  Accepting or declining LinkedIn connection requests

✓ Update and then maintain LinkedIn Page

Website Management

✓  Add new content to website (provided by principal or copywriter)

✓ Add new blogs, videos, posts and pages to website

✓ Blog Publishing Management

✓ Moderating Blog Comments

✓ Adding Tags & Images to Blog Posts

✓ Ensure all images on the website are optimised for size and SEO

✓ Test website on various devices and make a list of all the errors

✓ Run a speed test on the website and make a list of issues to fix

✓ Work with website developer to manage and fix all the errors

✓ Use tools like YOAST to fix all titles and descriptions for SEO

✓ Use tech tools to find, fix or redirect all dead website pages

✓ Increase the number of backlinks to company website

✓ Update to the latest WordPress version and manage plug-ins

✓ Set up Google Tag Manager and ensure desired tracking is working

✓ Review Google Analytics, gather insights and report key findings

✓ Set up Google Goals to discover the conversion rate of key pages

✓ Set up Google Optimize to split-test headlines and images on site

✓ Install HotJar on your website, review results and report findings

✓ Work with manager to create and update your website’s FAQs page

✓ Review support emails monthly to suggest possible website changes

✓ Review new testimonials and put on website

✓ Set Up Google Alerts, scan daily and report key findings to manage

Search Engine Optimization

✓  Performing ongoing keyword research including discovery and expansion of keyword opportunities

✓ Conduct Preliminary Health Check on the Website

Research and implement search engine optimization recommendations

Incorporating selective keywords into title tags, heading tags, alt text, meta descriptions.

Blog posts and page copy that is written and optimized with quality

Optimized page load speed

Track, report, and analyze website analytics and PPC initiatives and campaigns


✓  Work with manager to write titles and descriptions for new products

Collect and edit all images for new products

Make short promotional videos to go with new products

Add new products into your shopping cart

Test new product pages on desktop and mobile to ensure it’s right

When trained, add new products onto Amazon and manage marketing

Manage Shopify platform – Create Landing Pages or Sales Pages

Email Marketing

You need to be constantly growing your email marketing list, and engaging with that list on a regular basis.

Creating a New Lists in Email Marketing Software

Adding and Removing Subscribers from Lists

Creating and Scheduling Broadcast Emails to Promote Content

✓ Editing Follow-up Emails and Auto-responders

✓ Creating Email Newsletters

✓ Editing / Proofreading Emails

✓ Work with manager to plan marketing emails needed for the month

✓ Work with copywriter to get the copy required for marketing emails

✓ Enter emails with copy, images and links into your email platform

✓ Send manager final tests of marketing emails and get approval

✓ Send out marketing emails at the agreed time and monitor results

Content Creation

Use tools like Answer the Public to research content ideas

Study industry blogs, forums and groups to find content ideas

Work with manager to decide topics you will create content on

✓ Find articles or content that can be shared via social media

✓ Work with manager to write copy to go with the social posts

✓ If needed, use tool like to convert audio into text

✓ Work with the copywriter to turn audio and text into articles

✓ Find royalty-free images to accompany articles and social posts

Podcast Management

✓  Find podcasts where your manager can be interviewed as a guest

Send email to podcast hosts offering your manager as a guest

If company has a podcast, find and email guests for your podcast

If company has a podcast, edit podcast recordings and save them

If company has a podcast, upload to podcast hosting platform

✓ If company has a podcast, prepare and launch new episodes

Video Marketing

✓  Help manager plan out videos that need to be recorded

Manage the editing and exporting of videos

Write titles, descriptions and promotional copy for videos

Manage the uploading of videos to YouTube and other places

Manage all the comments that appear in response to videos

Review the stats of your YouTube Channel and find insights

Graphic Design

✓  Utilize Canva for basic graphic design

Design posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc

Design stories for Facebook and Instagram

Design promotional images that go into emails

Design flyers or posters for upcoming promotions

Design infographics to feature alongside content articles

✓ Design Facebook and Instagram image ads

✓ Design invitations, or cards

✓ Design presentation slides for your manager

✓ Using content provided, design Mobimag

✓ Brochure Layout / Formatting


✓  Basic Bookkeeping (XERO, MYOB, & Quickbooks)

Track expenditure compared to budgets

Manage the sending of invoices and receipts to clients

Human Resources (HR)

✓  Create job descriptions for new hires

Create ads for new hires

Post new job ads onto required job boards/sites

✓ Review and filter new job applicants

✓ Assist with the onboarding of new employees

✓ Set reminders for staff birthdays, work anniversaries, performance reviews


✓  Research target market and prepare findings

Research competitors and prepare findings

Research awards competitions you can enter and prepare submissions

Research suppliers for works, create brief and request 3 quotes

Find new technology tools and summarise findings

Research industry trends and summarise findings

✓ Data Mining & Development / Lead Generation


✓  Create a list of businesses you can become referral partners with

Reach out to businesses you can become referral partners with

Make outbound phone calls to find more customers (Inside Sales)

Monitor Facebook Ads account and report results

Sales Support

✓  Converting your leads into prospects

Respond to sales inquiries

Prepare sales proposals/quotes

 Keeping in touch with your Past Clients

Responding to your Buyer leads as soon as they are received.

Following up and developing a relationship with all your prospects

✓ Tracking all Prospects

✓ Driving you more Business!



✓  Support and manage Templated Websites

Listing Management

Managing Buyer MLS searches

Entering Property in MLS & other applicable databases

Preliminary Drafting of CMA’s

CRM Integration & Social Media Integration

Marketing the Listing

 ✓ Personal Marketing

 ✓ Prospecting

Setting Up Showings

✓ Transaction Management

✓ Calling Expired’s and FSBO’s to setup listing appointments for you

As you can see, the list of tasks that your Virtual Assistants can handle for you is very diverse. The fact is that working with VA’s has gone far further than most people ever thought possible. It’s more than just filtering email and managing your social media. It’s about business growth. It’s about Working on your Business instead of Working in your Business!

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