Do you want to stay ahead in business while still leading your hobbies, lifestyle, and passions?

Business today has never been so competitive, you need to stay in the loop to get ahead but working hard doesn’t mean you’re working smart. With the clock ticking, the qualms of business owners and entrepreneurs are efficiency and productivity in their business while still maintaining the quality of their products and services.

Business Strategies Speaker Series

GLOW is excited to introduce you to our Business Strategies speaker series. These one hour interactive zoom presentations are designed to help you grow your business while enjoying more free time, resulting in the lifestyle you desire.

Our regular presentations will give you that “lift” you need and provide you some tools,tactics and training to help you get where you want to go.

These events are free and exclusively for Glow partners and those considering joining us.

“More details regarding our next presentation will be sent to you upon registration”.

Upcoming Event

You can look forward to the following:

  • Keynote discussions of our different guest speakers from various industries and expertise.

  • Seasoned experts from the field of marketing, sales, finance, corporate management, social media, and technology and innovation.

  • Insights to improve and implement business processes and system optimization.

  • A take on redefining efficiency and productivity in the world of technology. 

  • Tips on scaling up your business to reach greater heights.

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Featured Talks & Speakers

Our first Speaker is  Mr. Azim Sahu- Khan, a business coach, consultant, and mentor. He is the creator of the Franchise System Stability Model and SYSTEMologist. He has been in the industry for over 20 years with experience in business growth, strategic planning, and marketing campaigns. Business owners like you will surely get their baskets filled with our first speaker.

For our first session, let us look at your business on a whole other level!

Azim Sahu-Khan

International Speaker, Business Success Guide, Investor

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This  Business Strategies Speaker Series will provide you with tools, tactics, and training to reach your vision and goals for your business.