Your team of two or more fully supported, office-based, skilled virtual assistants will help manage and grow your business.


Our Mission

To positively affect the lives of our clients by assisting them with the management and marketing of their business, resulting in increased personal time and additional income

To provide our employees a fun workplace, strong income and opportunity for continued growth during their stable and rewarding career

To provide a quality education and create community leaders through our scholarship program

Our Values



Customer First



Our Vision

To positively affect the lives of our employees and client partners, by enabling them to have more personal time with friends and family, increased income, and a stable and rewarding career.


What We Do

General Virtual Assistant

We help you grow your business by providing you with skilled virtual assistants who enable you to become more productive. Your VA will take time-consuming tasks off your hands so you can focus more on expanding your business, networking with experts, and spending time with your loved ones. To Work less and earn more!

Digital Marketing

We help you reach and engage with your target customers by creating meaningful audience interactions that lead to conversions and profit. Our team helps you plan and implement a digital marketing strategy that transforms the way you interact with customers, increasing your reach, and improving conversion rates.

Real Estate VA

Your VA will have completed our comprehensive real estate assistant training academy. By working in our office, they are fully supported by our training and management departments as well as their workmates who are supporting other real estate agents. Our company president has over 30 years of real estate experience to share with you and your VA

Inside Sales Agents

Your Inside Sales Agents (ISA) will convert your leads into prospects so you and the rest of your team can focus on closing sales, not farming for leads! We utilize a combination of effective nurturing techniques, the primary one being to call the lead as soon as it is obtained. Our ISA’s are all customer service oriented and understand the need to provide value to every lead.

Customer Service

Our team of Customer Service Representatives (CSR) helps to provide solutions for customers’ questions and complaints. They are equipped with all the knowledge in processing orders, requests, and modifications using multiple communication channels.  In regards to sales, our CSR’s are also versatile in selling products and services through answering phone calls and emails.


What Clients Are Saying

Camille Gonzales Briscoe

I have been using GLOW for almost two years now!! It’s a great company! Management is great with communication and they are always reliable and dependable!! Highly recommend!!

Renè Steyn

Champ is amazing – he has changed my life and is very quick on the uptake with great ideas to help an older non-techy person that can have a brain that ideas just pop in all the time, with no idea how to execute them.

Ariane has been great in clarifying what needs to be done and getting some of the repetitive tasks done. I think Champ is good at helping her to clarify what’s needed too.

Jesus Ramos

I am pleased and content to have the professional services of Global OfficeWorks Inc.  With the assistance of their services, my business is growing on a daily basis. I have been doubling my productivity since day one. The giants in the real estate industry tell us “Gather a team to grow exponentially.”  Well, I can see it already growing exponentially. Within six months of starting GLOW services, I am already making plans to acquire the assistance of two more assistants

Jacque Elias

Hi team! I would like to recognize Carlo Amadeus Vergara and Jayson Perucho for an amazing job so far. You came on board in a bit of a mess and have done so well. We received this feedback from a PR/social media marketing firm yesterday: “Your organic social media content strategy is excellent, as is the quality of your content across your key platforms – we don’t say this to most people!” Well done!

Jeff Elias

I’m happy with my Admin Team. I like both Sheila and Mae. They developed a dedication and prompt service more than I can ask for.

Adam Frederick

Rodney will help you in anyway that he can to make it right for you. This virtual assistant(VA) system has given Janet and I more free time to enjoy, take time to travel and the ability to earn more money without having to pay someone here a higher rate and or pay for medical benefits. Honestly (working with Global OfficeWorks) is the best business decision we have made. There are other companies out there that maybe cheaper BUT you get what you pay for. Rodney is the kind of guy that is on your team to make sure all the gears are running in sync. So my advice is to set up a one on one with Rodney, tell him about your needs and why you would need the extra help, that way he can help tailor something for you to try out

Anna Jenkins

GLOW does an excellent job with providing quality virtual assistants in a productive working environment.  They work with you to make sure that you and your new hire are a great fit. Another benefit is there is always coverage since they are in a full office environment.  We have had a wonderful experience with GLOW and look forward to a promising future

Lex van Arem

Rodney is a consummate professional and I loved working with him.

Naomi Anderson

I just wanted to write an email to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for sending me Geoffrey!

He is a whole lot more than I thought a VA would be. I did a lot of research before hiring a VA and was still a little apprehensive – thinking that I would have to continually spell everything out.

But Geoffrey has just taken to my business like a duck to water, I just have to set up his tasks in Asana and off he goes. He asks questions when he’s unsure and picks up on errors that I’ve made diligently. He uses his initiative and genuinely wants what is best for my business. He is an incredible part of my team and now I see that I wouldn’t have the business I do without him. He can never leave me haha..


Thank you again for all you do, I’m so happy that I chose Global Officeworks to be a part of my team.

Shani Taylor

Rodney Allen and your guys rock it!  Best VA team that I personally use and love. Efficient, excellent communication systems in place and the team are so dedicated to being of service.

Thank you Rodney and the team.

Patricia Corcoran

Rodney has been more than willing to help my transition into using a virtual assistant. He has been responsive and accommodating.

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