Office-based, managed Virtual Assistant teams helping you work less and earn more.


Finally, a Virtual Assistant company celebrating 10 years that understands the challenges of employing VA’s who provide you proven systems and managed teams to ensure your success.



Mission, Vision and Company Values


What We Do

General Virtual Assistant

We help you grow your business by providing you with skilled virtual assistants who enable you to become more productive. Your VA will take time-consuming tasks off your hands so you can focus more on expanding your business, networking with experts, and spending time with your loved ones. To Work less and earn more!

Digital Marketing

We help you reach and engage with your target customers by creating meaningful audience interactions that lead to conversions and profit. Our team helps you plan and implement a digital marketing strategy that transforms the way you interact with customers, increasing your reach, and improving conversion rates.

Real Estate VA

Your VA will have completed our comprehensive real estate assistant training academy. By working in our office, they are fully supported by our training and management departments as well as their workmates who are supporting other real estate agents. Our company president has over 30 years of real estate experience to share with you and your VA

Inside Sales Agents

Your Inside Sales Agents (ISA) will convert your leads into prospects so you and the rest of your team can focus on closing sales, not farming for leads! We utilize a combination of effective nurturing techniques, the primary one being to call the lead as soon as it is obtained. Our ISA’s are all customer service oriented and understand the need to provide value to every lead.

Customer Service

Our team of Customer Service Representatives (CSR) helps to provide solutions for customers’ questions and complaints. They are equipped with all the knowledge in processing orders, requests, and modifications using multiple communication channels.  In regards to sales, our CSR’s are also versatile in selling products and services through answering phone calls and emails.

Meet our Team

What We Do


What Clients Are Saying

Shawn Luong

The admin has always been the mainstay of my business. Mae followed and has become an indispensable member of my team. Property management is a revenue center that pays for the VA expenses, so rent collection and fee billing are essential. The recent addition of Raya has been positive, as she helps both on the admin side and ISA side.

Overall, I have been satisfied with the level of support from my VA. Mae has made big strides this year. Rent collections have been tighter and Mae should not take her eyes off the ball. She is piloting the plane without which I cannot afford to pay for the service.

Raju Dalta

Rodney and his VA services company are not only great to work with, but they are very enthusiastic and go above and beyond the call of their Duty. Rodney truly cares about his employees and it shows that they care about the company’s growth too similarly.

His company never had experience with Airbnb support which I needed, although it started a bit slow and learning process, they quickly became very good at it and mostly do most of the work without having to guide them. Highly, highly recommend him and his company for any Real estate-related VA services, including cold calling, etc.

Anna Jenkins / Rick Banes

GLOW does an excellent job of providing quality virtual assistants in a productive working environment. They work with you to make sure that you and your new hire are a great fit. Another benefit is there is always coverage since they are in a full office environment. We have had a wonderful experience with GLOW and look forward to a promising future

To Joezer, Thank you for all you do! Maintenance is an important part of our business and we couldn’t do it without you! It is all about follow-up and communication. You have been getting better and better and also working well with Rachel. Keep up the good work!! We appreciate you!

Antonio Lopez

I always appreciated the effort everyone put into it. From the top to the bottom of the organization, it is obvious the level of commitment you all have for your clients.

Mark, you have always answered and been present whether or not at work even with your mom’s health complications. I see your effort and commitment to our team.

Adonis, you have always looked for a way to become a better agent. I have seen and heard you become stronger. I appreciate your willingness to take coaching and to put in your best on every call.

Thanks, Joe. I also appreciate your efforts to maintain your company’s standards. I also appreciate the way you are with your employees. You are a good leader.

To everyone else on the team I did not mention, know I appreciate you all.

Alex Reyes

The GLOW team has proven key in our expansion efforts and we hope to see you continue to grow with us during the coming year.

As our customer’s first point of contact, our sales agents are often the key component in establishing ongoing relationships with our customers. These components consist of the confidence and knowledge shown by Adonis, the rapport-building skills displayed by Juuna, as well as the responsiveness shown by the entire GLOW management team. It has been a pleasure to work with you all and your diligence has been greatly appreciated.

We would like to express our thanks to every one of you for your efforts. We are confident that you can help us realize and improve on our goals for the coming new year. This is a production-based company and our goals are constantly set higher by the addition of professionals like yourselves. We have no doubt that as our expectations improve, each one of you will rise to the occasion.

Nathan and Alivia Stephenson

We have only been working together for about two months, but in that time we have seen our team shine! Both Nathan and I would like to say how much we have appreciated Mae and Joezer!

Mae has been an incredible asset to our team as we learn how to not only host our guests through Air B n B but also give them the comforts and attention through our messages. We are happy with the work you are putting in and look forward to working with you as our business grows! By answering these messages, you are helping us to make a difference in the lives of others as we welcome them from all over the country. Thank you for all of your diligent work!

Joezer has been a valuable part of our team as well! We are grateful for your willingness to learn and grow! You have really helped our Air B and B team to shine as well and we are looking forward to welcoming new guests and seeing how we can best serve them. Thank you for all of your hard work!

All that you do doesn’t go without notice, and we are thankful for all of the hours that you tirelessly put in to learn, to make this business run more smoothly, and to allow our guests the pleasure of staying at home away from home.

Jacque Elias


Hi team! I would like to recognize Carlo Amadeus Vergara and Jayson Perucho for an amazing job so far. You came on board in a bit of a mess and have done so well. We received this feedback from a PR/social media marketing firm yesterday: “Your organic social media content strategy is excellent, as is the quality of your content across your key platforms – we don’t say this to most people!” Well done!

Futurebound wouldn’t be where we are today without our remote team at GLOW. In a year of businesses closing down and economic down turn, we have not only continued strong, but have increased our business. Without Mae, Jayson and of course, Carlo along with the management team at GLOW we would have struggled. We are sincerely grateful to you all.

Jeff Elias


I love working with Mae. They keep an important part of my business under control and this area of my business is important for future growth. She shows great attention to detail and has a natural ability to solve problems. Mae is new to my team and I like her eagerness to learn and try new things, I’m very happy with her progress. Together they add a lot of value and I’m very grateful.

Kacie La

Global OfficeWorks has been a wonderful addition to my business and has been with this Team since day one a year ago. They approach their work with a high level of responsibility and professionalism without the need for me to help them resolve any issues that may arise. They don’t need a lot of direction as he makes firm decisions based on reasoning and logic.
They know what they need to do, and they get it done without fuss.

Shani Taylor

Hey Rodney, just a quick one and I know you know how great the GLOW team is but just a shout out to the you and the team. They are just like no other team out there.

The way they all work cohesively together to serve me (and your other clients I’m sure) is highly valued, nothing seems to be a problem and they go above and beyond. It is a reflection of you in what you’ve built and chosen individuals who are committed to what they do.

Thank you for providing such great value.

Renè Steyn

I have loved working with Champ and Ariane. I was quite hesitant to work with a VA, but it has been a great decision to work with GLOW, and have been very happy that Champ was assigned to me.

It has given me the ability to get some of the things I had in my head but didn’t know how to do, out and done.

Champ is amazing – he has changed my life and is very quick on the uptake with great ideas to help an older non-techy person that can have a brain that ideas just pop in all the time, with no idea how to execute them.
He understands all the things that go through my head and can help me put that into something concrete. He is very patient and happy to modify something if it’s not quite how I like it. He’s a fast learner as he sounds more and more like me in posts he creates.

Our booking sites look so much better with all photos updated and patiently resized for every platform. This has helped our rankings on our website too. Our direct bookings have markedly increased.

Between Champ and Ariane, they have helped that our social media now has regular postings.

Ariane has been great in clarifying what needs to be done and getting some of the repetitive tasks done. Ariane has been great in taking over a payment process that I used to dread doing. It’s great to be able to just flick that forward.

I look forward to next year getting more of our everyday tasks systemized and past over the Champ and Ariane.

Thank you so much, Champ, Ariane, and everyone at GLOW that supports you.

Shannon Campbell

A big thank you to you all (Carlo, Jayson, and Francis)! Your help in all the different aspects of our business has helped us strive. I definitely couldn’t do this without you guys! I hope that next year we get to bond more as a team and grow our business.

I love all you guys! You are just amazing.

Allan King


Joe, Thank you for your friendship and your service.

I appreciate the services that you, Rodney, and the Glow Team have provided, and I look forward to us growing together in 2021.
For the record, I praise my staff most days, not only when they do a good job, but also generally in life because I want only the best for them. Joe, Here are my messages that I would like you to read out to my staff at the party. As follows…

For Karen – Dear Karen, thank you so much for giving it your very best. Eva and I sincerely appreciate your commitment to our company. Your can-do attitude, your patience, and understanding mean the world to us. It is an absolute pleasure to know you and to work with you. I’m excited about the future – Thank you.

GLOW Team- Thank you to everyone at GLOW for your support and assistance in meeting our company requirements.

Rodney, you’re the King! Look forward to working with you for many years mate.

Naomi Anderson

I don’t know how I ever survived without GLOW. They always go above and beyond. Their love for my business still astounds me. Their attention to detail, initiative, work ethic, and ability to read me is exactly what I needed. 2020 has been a tough year, a year to lay the foundation. 2021 is the year where we will grow, and I honestly can’t imagine doing this without them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do.

Thank you again for all you do, I’m so happy that I chose Global Officeworks to be a part of my team.

David Curran

We have loved working with Kate over the past few months, and feel she is a real asset to our business.

Andrew and Victoria Wynd

I know it’s early days for us and our team together, but we are so so so happy with everything that you have been able to achieve with us.
Ariane, specifically your graphic design and brochure output has been amazing so I couldn’t be happier.

On behalf of Freestyle feet and Balwyn Sports and Physiotherapy Centre and both of us.

Thank you for everything you’ve done. We appreciate it. Cheers to you and all your hard work. Cheers!

Kylie Sultana

Kris has been an amazing help to me in our business by taking over all of the things that I just don’t have time to do. Thank you also for being so patient when I get frustrated with technology! Your help has meant that I can focus on our customers. I look forward to the coming year and working more with you and building up our business.

Thank you Champ for stepping up and helping Kris with all of our work, your help has meant that there has been a smooth transition.

Lee'at and Esther Bruhl

Kris – we appreciate your great attitude in wanting to support us and help our business grow! We love how open you are to learning new things and tackling challenges with an open mind even when they are hard (like the customer emails 😁)! You’re great at graphic design – the youtube thumbnail and the course certificate you made were fantastic! Thanks for taking the initiative to suggest ideas that will help us make the business better (like the Facebook group image). We love that you bring warmth and openness to the team!

Champ – we appreciate you stepping in when needed. Thanks for taking the initiative to help us organize our business – e.g. creating the Facebook approve/disapprove and the LinkedIn invites spreadsheets. Also thanks for helping us not keep getting kicked off Facebook! 😂

Thanks to both of you for all your hard work!

Next year we plan to continue to grow our business and build our community of students. We’re enjoying working with the GLOW team and hoping to build up to full-time next year.

Thanks very much to the GLOW Management Team (Joe, Cathy, and Ruselle) – we appreciate your support in helping us get up and running. Thanks for your attention to detail – especially helping us with our processes (which we are allergic to)! Your positive attitudes and smiling faces are always appreciated.

Oksana Katorjevskaya


We have started working together only a month or so ago and in this short period of time we have done a lot of great things, we created 4 e-books that can be re-purposed on social media and my new website that is to launch soon.

One of those e-books is 32 pages long. We have also started getting onto the 2nd business (RTS Australia) collaterals which is awesome given such a short period of time. Well-done team, thank you for your patience, hard work,and dedication!!! Cheers to a new and fruitful year ahead!!!!’

Tal Avni

Kate has been an excellent addition to the team this year. With a warm and delightful smile, she is always on a mission by helping elevate our team and partners. We have found her to be positive and a keen learner. Always raises up to new challenges and looking to grow. We are looking to grow our team next year and are going to rely on Kate abilities to help us onboard and expand the business. We have every confidence in her that she will rise to the occasion.

Camille Gonzales Briscoe

I have been using GLOW for almost two years now!! It’s a great company! Management is great with communication and they are always reliable and dependable!! Highly recommend!!

Jesus Ramos

I am pleased and content to have the professional services of Global OfficeWorks Inc.  With the assistance of their services, my business is growing on a daily basis. I have been doubling my productivity since day one. The giants in the real estate industry tell us “Gather a team to grow exponentially.”  Well, I can see it already growing exponentially. Within six months of starting GLOW services, I am already making plans to acquire the assistance of two more assistants

Adam Frederick

Rodney will help you in anyway that he can to make it right for you. This virtual assistant(VA) system has given Janet and I more free time to enjoy, take time to travel and the ability to earn more money without having to pay someone here a higher rate and or pay for medical benefits. Honestly (working with Global OfficeWorks) is the best business decision we have made. There are other companies out there that maybe cheaper BUT you get what you pay for. Rodney is the kind of guy that is on your team to make sure all the gears are running in sync. So my advice is to set up a one on one with Rodney, tell him about your needs and why you would need the extra help, that way he can help tailor something for you to try out

Lex van Arem

Rodney is a consummate professional and I loved working with him.

Patricia Corcoran

Rodney has been more than willing to help my transition into using a virtual assistant. He has been responsive and accommodating.

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