With the cost of doing business is always on the rise, entrepreneurs are always on a budget. So as much as you want to go all out on promotion and advertising for your business, it’s just not feasible, at least not for everyone. You have to think of other costs like overhead, utilities, taxes, etc. so you have to do some belt-tightening on almost all aspects of your business.

So here are three simple and inexpensive ideas you can use to get more customers even when

you’re on a budget.

Use technology. Look for free or inexpensive yet efficient software and applications that can best serve your business and use it. Low-cost technology has changed the way businesses are run. Use this to save you money, create more timely products and services, and reach more clients.

Outsource. Outsourcing is the worst-kept secret in building a successful business today. Outsourcing can help you get jobs done at a much lower cost without sacrificing quality. But it has to be done right.

It’s a good thing some companies are willing to do the tedious work of finding selecting, hiring, training, and supervising virtual workers for you.

Get out more. “It’s not about what you know but who you know.” It may be an adage, but it still rings true today. Reach out to more people: experts, strangers, and even competitors and let them know that you and your business exist. Not only is this a form of free promotion but it is also a way of building relationships to extend your influence.

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