In our previous post, we talked about why you should hire an office-based virtual assistant. In this article, we will feature the best reasons behind having your own Virtual Office.

While having a home-based virtual assistants has its advantages in terms of cost, having a VA in your Virtual Office also has huge advantages. And here are a few:


Although it looks like a call center, it is NOT a call center. What we have is a complete virtual office experience which saves you space and gives your VA an office atmosphere. Realistically, an employee is more productive when she is in an environment conducive for work. This will take out all the distractions from working at home.

Having the right workstation

Just like having your in house employee, you will need all the necessary equipment suited for your employee’s job. Laptops have its advantages but if you require your virtual assistant to multitask, then laptops are not such a good choice (unless it’s the VERY HIGH END ONE), especially when you’re opening multiple programs and software. Having the right equipment for your VA makes every process easy. This is true even for carpenters and you know spies.

The power dress-up concept

Believe it or not this works. Having your employee dress up will increase their productivity, motivation, and focus.  Most executives use this simple exercise. If you feel good about yourself then so does your work. Well you can do this at home but that would be very weird.

We are social beings

Why would I include this? Because we, as human beings, are social people and we interact. A simple conversation with other colleagues will increase the mood and therefore increase happiness.  A happy employee is a productive employee.

Power Back- ups and redundant lines

I just want to repeat and explain the importance of having back-ups.  With your Virtual Office we have 3 High speed- internet redundant lines which automatically switches if the other one is down. Rest assured that you will never get an excuse saying “my internet is down last night “. Same with Power or Electricity your office will have a back-up generator. No power outage excuses.


Let me explain security. Compared to working from home you will never know who has access to your employee’s computer. That could be a shared computer and your files can be accessed by anyone else.  Same as any other offices your VA has its own security guard.

Coffee is Free

Yes this is true, even if we have a different timezone your employee will be awake for the full duration of the her shift.

Now what do you think?

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