VA? Do You mean Volt Ampere? Well, that’s the first thing that you can see when you start to use the search engine at google but NO it’s not!

VA stands for Virtual assistant, freelancers, home-based worker, telecommunicators, remote worker, whatever you call it, VA is the person who provides your business with virtual services. 

Some people don’t know about it, but in some countries like the US, UK, NZ, India, and Philippines, VA’s are not new to them. Some countries are starting to embrace this idea to support their business, especially during this economic downturn. When you start to look online you can find a lot of virtual job seekers searching for a remote service. 

As we go online we can find 38,735 jobseekers that go up every single day. If you start to sum up those it was a huge individual that might increase in the following years. In this situation, most especially with regards to the pandemic, more people are seeking employment. On the other hand, 6,359 employers are looking for skilled virtual assistants that could help them with their business.

Do we need VA’s to work with us? Why not hire a person who goes to your physical working station then does the job? 

There are three main reasons why we need to look for a virtual assistant:

  1. We need VA’s to minimize the production cost and labor cost most especially with the small and start-up businesses. 
  2. We need VA’s to maximize business profits.
  3. We need VA’s to do the things that business owners don’t want to do.

Hiring a virtual assistant may minimize the product cost because some VA’s have their own computer set, internet connection and some virtual assistant providers like GlobalOffice Works support their virtual assistant with working places, necessary equipment, good internet connection, power supply during an outage. They impart complete training to level up the skills of the virtual assistant. They also provide a virtual assistant full benefits program for each employee.

Many of the virtual assistant services that you can find at GlobalOffice Works include social media marketing, web designing, SEO, digital marketing, real estate VA, general admin staff, customer support, graphic design, inside sales agent, and a lot more.

For the business owner, hiring a virtual assistant is a time saver at the same time could help maximize the profits. How? You have to have a different skilled virtual assistant who’s gonna do the errands for you. If you are not familiar with some of the tools and technicalities in your business you can get an expert VA’s who is more knowledgeable about this. If you want to have the best customer service staff in the world you can hire a virtual assistant who has more experience in customer service relations. Digital Marketing is the new trend, why not hire an expert who is more reliable when it comes to marketing and advertising. Do you know the needs and wants of your customers? Well, I assume that you have in mind the best marketing strategy that could attract target customers. Why not use your social media sites and hire a social media manager? 

Let’s take a look at the reviews of the clients below from GlobalOffice Works regarding their virtual assistant services.

As you have noticed, virtual assistants have a good reputation and reviews from their clients. Although we know that there might be some changes and additional feedback that might come up over time, the reviews above can give us a little basis on how virtual assistants ace their virtual assistant career with their clients. This also means that hiring a virtual assistant can be effective in some way.

In addition to that, when clients hire a virtual assistant they allow the VA to work with them even in a remote area. It also gives the client or the employer the chance to either stay at home to spend their time with their family or attend some meetings that they need to attend while making sure that their business is in the right hands. Another thing is that, when a virtual assistant cannot produce equipment and good facilities that could showcase their expertise, there are virtual assistant companies that could provide and help them land their jobs online by providing back-office administration support. One of these companies is GlobalOffice Works. 

GlobalOffice Works is composed of talented individuals with different expertise. GlobalOffice Works started with real estate assistance but now it has expanded its services from helping you set up your social media platforms up to taking care of your customers through their outstanding customer service relations. Now just to show you how they do it, the company president of GlobalOffice Works is American-Australian with over 35 years of service in the business, you can check that out on their website, which gives the idea that the business itself is aware of the American and Australian culture. The president makes sure that he shares his experiences and knowledge about the multicultural differences of the American and Australian ways and standards. As a result, the virtual assistants became more aware of the cultural differences of their clients. GlobalOffice Works makes sure that the clients get a virtual assistant that is perfectly fit with their business needs. Of Course, they have to be in a perfect match before they dive into a real-world competition.

Generally, we can say that after a year or so there’s a possibility that virtual assistants will increase their number due to global economic status. As we all know, job seekers tend to look for an employer that is going to pay them based on their expertise and at the same time allows them to do what they love while working in a remote area.

So ready or not, let’s just be aware that once the business owners open their mind to outsourcing there’s a high chance that a virtual assistant will dominate around the world in the future. And I can’t stress that enough! Happy outsourcing =)

Remember, Global OfficeWorks has an entire management team in place to support you. Whenever we can be of any assistance, please reach out to us at any time.

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