We help you grow your business by providing you with highly skilled general virtual assistants who can make a difference.

A general virtual assistant may help you become more productive no matter what your specialization is. Your VA will relieve you of time-consuming duties. As a result, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business, networking with professionals, and spending time with your family.

Virtual Assistants and Digital Marketing Specialists are provided, supported, and managed by Global OfficeWorks.

  • We want to help you save time, boost productivity, and earn more money with less expenditure. 
  • Your Virtual Assistants and Digital Marketing Specialists are supervised and have access to extensive training and assistance from our supervised workspaces.
  • We can offer you General VAs who are fluent In English with high-skilled writing and linguistic abilities. 
  • Your administrative assistant’s working hours can match yours, or you can give them tasks to be finished overnight and handed to you in the morning. It’s entirely up to you!
  • If you decide our service isn’t for you, you may cancel it at any moment throughout the first 30 days and receive a full refund of your payment. 
  • Global OfficeWorks covers all personnel costs. All perks, including basic wage, medical insurance, holiday compensation, income tax, and social security deductions, are included.
  • Your virtual assistant (VA) works exclusively for you, utilizing our office equipment, including a line, computer, high-speed connection, and a local contact number. You need to provide the license for any company software your business needs.

Our Guarantee

If you find that our service is not meeting your expectations, you may cancel it at any time. We only require a 30-days notice after the first trial month.


Dedicated Internet Access is available at our workplace (DIA). On a leased, redundant, and private end-to-end Fiber network, DIA delivers symmetrical connection. 

This software ensures that our LAN and the Internet are always connected and secure. To guarantee reliability and availability, we constantly monitor our connectivity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • To communicate with your VA (who will be accessible during the hours you specify), you have numerous options:
  • Call your assistant’s local (to your area) phone number for free. All calls made and received by your assistant are guaranteed local calls within your region. 
  • Utilize Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, Zoom, or Google Hangouts to conduct video conferencing or audio calls.
  • Communicate and assign tasks using our project management software, www.Asana.com.
  • Global OfficeWorks highly recommends the use of Google Drive. This application enables both online document editing (can be done simultaneously) and file storage.


Even though your Virtual Assistants and/or Digital Marketing Specialists will be working directly for you, they will be supported by numerous levels of management and an in-house trainer, which are all provided at no cost to you. No additional fees apply to our performance management services.

Quality Assurance

Your virtual assistant(s) will not be working alone. Each employee is overseen, supervised, and managed given they work in our office. We deliver you regular reports on the performance of your team.


Your Virtual Assistant will finish our specialized Virtual Assistant training academy before beginning their service with you (at our cost). This training course will take from around 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the experience of the VA we designate for you. This prepares them with general administrative duties and equips them to assist you with any different tasks you’ve set.

We ensure that they are well-versed in all of the software tools you utilize. You can virtually operate your VA’s workstation or have the VA watch you work on your computer as you provide instruction throughout the training.

However, for your assistant to become an effective part of your team, they will need further specific training in your company procedures directly from you, for them to be able to fully understand and ask questions at the same time. 

You can conduct your training through video or teleconference. Some tools enable you to remotely access your assistant’s computer (such as www.teamviewer.com and www.join.me). 

This is a highly powerful teaching tool as it gives you the same degree of training like you’re present physically over your assistant’s back.

Above all, Global OfficeWorks’ management team is always available to help you with your VA’s training and supervision.

All-Inclusive Cost

Global OfficeWorks is all-inclusive. It alleviates the burden of time-consuming and frequently costly concerns including human resource administration, recruiting, personal income taxes, medical insurance, social security, and job severance. Furthermore, you will not be required to offer additional workspace, nor will you be required to provide phones or IT equipment for an additional employee.

The list of tasks that virtual employees may complete for you is as extensive as the roles that we as company owners have at our disposal. 

Working with virtual assistants has progressed far beyond many people’s expectations.

It’s more than mere email filtering and media platforms management. To put it differently, it all comes down to waking up and realizing that, as company owners, we shouldn’t do half of what we are doing daily! After all, we’re constantly aiming to help your company grow.

Try it risk-free now!

Learn more about how Global OfficeWorks can help you grow your business while lowering your costs. You may also visit or contact us at  Global OfficeWorks.

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