You know you need a virtual assistant. You need one. Your business needs one. But you just can’t seem to wrap your mind around the ‘virtual’ part of it.You imagine yourself paying good money to someone who’s working from home and not doing much work at all. Not a good thought. And it’s pretty easy to understand why there’s hesitation from your part.You may also have a not-so-good-experience with virtual assistants or maybe one of your friends. It’s normal. Why do I say that? Because it is. It even happens when you hire someone locally—meaning they work for you wherever your office is and you see them (almost) every single day. What happens then? Not happy? Then you fire them—adios amigo. Simple.

Too harsh? No. Why? Because it is the way it is. You have a business. You want to make money and not just spend money. That is why hiring the RIGHT virtual assistant is VERY IMPORTANT. Oh yes! The process… Tedious.Tiring. Time consuming. We’re here. You must already know by now that we offer Virtual Assistant services. And not just any kind of service but we offer what you would like best—office-based virtual assistants.

With office-based virtual assistants, you know there is someone to supervise them ALL THE TIME. And it doesn’t end there. For the sake of bullet-points and check-lists, let go over some things that you will get with office-based virtual assistants:

A supervisor or a manager

You will not be onsite but someone else will be there for you. No time for coaching or feedback? No problem. They will do that for you. They are there to make sure that your virtual assistant is doing their job and doing it well.

Redundant Internet Connection

We have three Internet Service Provider(ISP) in our building. If one goes down (which happens very RARELY) all is not lost since we have a redundant internet connection.

Power Generator

Our building is equipped with its own generator. And on top of that, we install one UPS (uninterruptible power supply) per computer. So while the generator is still ‘warming up’, your VA is still happily with power and ONLINE.

State-of-the-art Computers and Laptops

We will provide your virtual assistant with her own computer. Not just any computer but a high-end one. You need our virtual assistant to edit videos for you? No problem! We also make sure that the computers are installed with the most up-to-date software. If you need any additional software, let us know. We might just already have it.

Well, aside from those mentioned above, you when you have an office-based virtual assistant, you do not have to think about payroll, benefits, taxes, training… Training? Oh yes! We will train them for you! Of course, not everything! But then again, you can always let us know what else you want your virtual assistant to know and we will set it up for you.

Sounds easy enough? Of course! You just have to think about what tasks you will give to your office-based virtual assistant. Hire A virtual assistant to suite your business needs.

Think about it. Till next time!

Maria Carmel Reposar – A little bit of everything–rolled oats “Marmel” is the General Manager of Global Office Works. She is also a passionate blogger.  She enjoys reading books and researching about World War II
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