Most professional salespeople have systems in place to keep their name in front of clients and contacts.

Most of us, however, are not very good at this. Some of us make attempts to stay in touch with their client base and centers of influence, usually in the form of cards or newsletters but most do very little. It’s either too expensive, too time-consuming or they just don’t know what to do.

This leaves a huge opening for the rest of us.

How much difference can it make in your business?

Most successful businesses receive a large proportion of new business from referrals and repeat clients and customers. To be truly successful over the long term, you need to have a substantial amount of your business come from referrals and repeat customers.

But every month that you do not stay in contact with clients, acquaintances, and centers of influence, you lose 10% of your influence with them. After 10 months, virtually all influence is lost.

You have already established a relationship with your client, why not nurture and enhance it, so you can keep it alive forever?

At Global OfficeWorks we help you stay in touch with your past clients.

Your Virtual Assistant can develop a system that keeps you in touch with your past clients. Tools may include: “Friending” them on Facebook and posting regular comments on their page, sending them monthly newsletters, and reminding you to call them on their birthday.

The key to increased success is that you do something and start now. Whatever you do must be consistent and allow you to reach out to as many contacts as possible.

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