The General Virtual Assistant is fast becoming one of the most popular types of virtual employees, as they can achieve many different kinds of administrative tasks.

Because they can perform a wide range of administrative tasks, General Virtual Assistants is now one of the most desired  remote employees. 

They have distinct skill sets, capabilities, and limitations. This may include everything from managing digital platforms and email to light clerical work. 

General Virtual Assistants, as its name indicates, generally lacks the particular skill sets you’d expect from a web developer or graphic designer. As a result, it would be best to manage your expectations.

General Administrative Duties

  • Administrative responsibilities in particular 
  • Transcription and data input 
  • Investigate the internet. Get reliable information about topics you’d want to study more about or publish about. 
  • Management of the calendar. Your virtual assistant will ensure that you never miss a deadline, double-book meetings, or overlook important duties again. 
  • Email and communication management, as well as email marketing follow-up and list development, are all included.
Online Marketing and Advertising

  • The process of generating leads. There are individuals who want to work with you. Allow your virtual assistant to assist you in identifying them by monitoring Google analytics, current trends, and establishing opt-in forms on your webpage. 
  • Create your marketing campaigns, such as Google Ads and Ads On facebook. 
  • Collect the contact details of specialists in your field to broaden your impact. 
  • If necessary, post or republish advertisements.
  • Submission of directories. To get the most publicity for your business, post it to networks. 
  • Publish your press release to a variety of social media platforms that specialize in press releases.
Blogging and Content Creation

  • Publish blog entries, articles, official statements, web links, and newsletters on your website or blog. 
  • Guest posting on authoritative websites is a great way to get your name out there. 
  • Keep a  lookout for fresh and intriguing blog subjects to write about. To keep your website material updated, your VA can scan the web for new and relevant blog ideas. 
  • Submission and marketing of articles 
  • Making changes to your website’s content.
Customer Service
  • Responding to customer service inquiries. Your customers demand a timely response to their support requests. Even if you’re not online, your virtual assistant can address these requests for you by email, phone, or video conference. 
  • Reception services are available. Your VA may take calls to book appointments, arrange meetings, and stay up to date on all client contact.

Website Management and Promotion

  • Administration of comments. Allow your VA to delete spam mails, notify you of those that require immediate attention, and monitor your commenting platform. 
  • Make use of an autoresponder. Using an efficient autoresponder, grow your mailing list.
  • Provide a summary of metrics. Your virtual assistant may keep track of your Analytics and other website data to show you where your traffic originates from, what keywords your customers are searching for, and which topics are trending. 
  • Organizes and administers freebies or competitions. Your virtual assistant can assist you in running a successful campaign that converts your readers into buyers.
Social Media Marketing
  • Maintains and creates detailed reports on your company’s social media profiles on a regular basis. 
  • Address questions from your supporters and connections. 
  • Use your social media profiles to market your most recent blog post or post. 
  • Create a Facebook timeline cover or a Twitter banner. 
  • Make or improve your Facebook Page and/or Profile pages.


It’s crucial to acknowledge and accept that as a business owner, you won’t be able to handle all the tasks on your own. Thus, your virtual assistant can take over the time-consuming tasks. 

So, how do you begin putting together your team?  It will take time away from your hectic schedule to organize one. But, with Global OfficeWorks  we will determine which role will have the biggest impact in growing your business. recognize tasks that need to be assigned to your assistant, and find the perfect Virtual Assistant to work for you!

Book a no-obligation call now and we can start discussing your business’ roadmap!

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