The biggest problem for business owners is that they are so used to doing everything on their own, from founding their business to micromanaging every single task – not realizing that they are now the conductors of their own orchestras.

You cannot play the flute and play the violin while having to command every beat. It would be disastrous. Thus, you need to face the hardest challenge in your career besides retaining your clients, and that is, staffing and appointing tasks.

It is always perplexing to decide when to recruit full-time or to simply have part-time help in place. Investing time, money, and effort to train and manage new hires, without having any assurance that they are flexible enough, is worrisome and will never be cost-effective.

Thus, you might consider getting a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant to get rid of your worries and save unnecessary expenses. Your assistant is a skilled and experienced virtual employee who performs digital marketing and administrative tasks, the only difference is, you don’t need an office space for them to work.

If you are not convinced yet, let’s look at the set of tasks that can be delegated to your new team member.

Social Media

A Digital Marketing assistant can be a terrific resource in managing your social media presence. Social media management is the course of managing your online presence on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other blogging sites, by creating, analyzing, and publishing content. It also includes engaging and interacting with your social media followers. On the off chance that you’re not comfortable outsourcing all of your social media, you can always use them for social-media research.

Your Digital Marketing Specialist can save you time by searching for the latest trends and interesting industry news, and other content that you may impart to your corporate accounts, as well as enquire about new accounts and influencers to engage with and keep tabs on relevant metrics.

WordPress & Content Creation

Content creation is your key to marketing your business. Your Digital Marketing Specialist is skilled with the ins and outs of WordPress, MailChimp, and other lead-generating platforms that can present your content to the public. Whatever content you have in your mind that you can come up with, your virtual assistant can create it for you. You can outsource specific features of the content-creation process, especially SEO optimization and attaching related images to support your content. A Digital Marketing Specialist can also promote blogs and other content through social media platforms, email marketing, or publicizing through influencers.

Transcribing Data

There might be a huge stack of business cards in your drawers that have not been taken care of – contacts of potential leads that might be vital in growing your business. You need someone to create the metrics and transcribe those raw data to discern which are ultimately useful. Whether it is optimizing your operation, customer support, marketing, or product-related research, your virtual assistant can help you translate your company’s transcribed data into an organized structured plan in growing your business’ marketing standing.

Personal Tasks

Your digital marketing is the superman of your business, besides business-related tasks, you can take a different approach by delegating them social and personal work. For instance, communicating with your clients and business partners by sending birthday greetings and acknowledgment notes is still socially expected in running a business. Simple tasks but can still take up a lot of time that could have been spent managing your company, can be assigned to them.

However, success is not instant. It takes years of preparation and constant revision to get there. Thus, owners and entrepreneurs need to understand that most of what they are thinking about and working on now, does not materialize until six months to a year later. Allotting 30 minutes to one hour of marketing and administrative work stretches out the waiting time for the fruition of their efforts.

This is where virtual assistants can transform the pace of running the business. They serve persistent executives and ultra-autonomous corporate leaders to break down the workload and to focus more on growth and profit. Their expertise in organization, preparation, and communications allows them to shoulder leaders’ tedious routines and day-to-day must-dos, from making benchmark reports to finessing organizational functions.

Now, you might be asking, ‘Why would I trust my business to a stranger working virtually?’ We hear you – we know your worries. That is why Global OfficeWorks is here to help you. We are a company of highly skilled office-based Digital Marketing Assistants who are managed by a team that will build your social media engagement and presence online, at the same time, do the daily work for you. 

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