Hiring a virtual assistant can be one of the best decisions you will ever make. It will not only cut down your costs, you will also be able to  focus more on building your business and less focus on the tasks you don’t enjoy doing and non-income generating.

 our virtual assistant is no different from the one you have right now, (well aside from the physical presence) they can do everything your in-house assistant is doing the same way–or even better. Most of the tasks your assistant is doing do not require their presence in your office. They can do it virtually.

Based on our experiences while doing consultation, there are some common barriers that our prospects encounter. Some are just unfamiliar with this field/venture and we would like to answer these questions to clarify them all.

 How can I contact my VA? I want them to be part of my day to day business. 

We hear this question a lot. Most of us are concerned about this. Communication is the key; luckily, the technology today enables us to communicate in many (MANY!) ways. Just like an in-house employee, you can schedule a weekly or daily touch base depending on your needs. There is SkypeGoToMeetingViber, Google Talk and other technology that allows call, video, and chat. There are a lot of methods available. Just pick one (two or three or more!) and you’re all set.

They are unsure about virtual assistants

Virtual Assistants are also professionals who are trained and have the skills to handle your everyday tasks. The only thing is that they are not physically present in your office. They have their own equipment and their own space. You can exchange calls, email, and IMs.

You will have access to a world class talent pool and not be limited to what and who you have in your area. There are a lot of opportunities to look into and just imagine the extra capital you have since you will no longer be purchasing office equipment. You can even work from home. If you are familiar with Siri from iPhone or Jarvis from Iron Man, then imagine yourself having a human equivalent of both–virtually.

 How can I trust my VA? 

This is a very legitimate question. But like everything else, this can also be addressed by the time spent with your VA. When it comes to access, start with a very light one as you go on and build the trust factor. Increase it as you go further.

How many hours it would take for them to finish the job?

We really don’t know until such time we determine what you want them to do. Write down the things that you would want them to do and then estimate the time it would take to finish those tasks. Most industry leaders set a deadline to which the time they would need the tasks done. This will enable you to assess their capabilities and to make sure you give them enough time. Just make sure you evaluate them on their work. This will set a good working relationship between you and your VA. You just have to remember that just like any other employee–in house or Virtual,your VA is not superman.

 How would I know they are really working? 

A nice question. But in an office setting you would not really know if an employee is working or not. You would know based on the results they would give you. So be sure to evaluate their performance just like any other employee you have. I think the most important thing here is you have your RESULTS.

With Global OfficeWorks you will have an option to choose whether to hire a home based or an office based employee. Both are guaranteed beneficial to you. To know more about these options please contact us.

 I want to try it first and then take it from there

This is one of the top objections we have encountered and is totally understandable.This is certainly a kind of service that you can try or test—especially with our company since we offer a no-commitment (no contracts signed) 30 day trial.

We don’t just assign you with a VA randomly; every VA we endorse to you have already gone through a meticulous selection process. This is to make sure that what we have is a perfect match for you and your business. Best of all the final decision is from you.

Tell us what your requirements are, and we take care of the process for you.

 How can this help my business make more money?

If you want your business to go to the next level, this will be it: the help you need.

 Just imagine, what if…?

  • You have more time to spend on the things that would bring you more business rather than doing all the administrative tasks that are not income/business generating.
  • You will have the time to spend on your love ones.
  • You could cut the costs of your overhead expenses and use that money for marketing (or something else).
  • You could go on vacation and not think about work because you know there is someone who will look out for your customers while you are gone.

Just think of all the limitless possibilities you could have done or created with your extra time and money.

Nowadays, taking your business to the next level is within your hands, you just to have to make that decision.

We know you have your own hesitations about hiring a VA and we would like to hear from you.

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