In this day and age, personal assistants can either be working in your office space on a daily basis or can be working from the comfort of their homes. Virtual assistants, the ones who work remotely, do pretty much the same tasks as the regular assistants except that they do not occupy your working area. More VAs are hired nowadays because businesses want to decrease operational costs (cost-cutting), and also for convenience’s sake.

Virtual assistants are practically essentials for businesses. Others even say that they are more skillful and flexible. But while each of them has their own distinctive skill sets, there are some extremely important qualities that they should also possess.

Which is what this blog is here for. To lay out the top 3 qualities that every VA should have and that means these are the ones to look out for when hiring. There are probably over 20 must-have qualities but today we’re going to focus on the most important.

Quality #1. Tech-Savvy

Being tech-savvy not only means mastering Microsoft Office. Yes, it’s important to have advanced knowledge of Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. but there’s actually more than that.

A tech-savvy VA must also:

  • Understand Social Media – This is a must. A VA should have at least a general knowledge about how social media works, and a good understanding of the different platforms.
  • Have Proper “Tech Etiquette” – Knows which tool to use when communicating, knows how to maintain a professional approach even when using relaxed form of links like Telegram or Skype.
  • Be Up-To-Date with the Latest Apps and Software – This is important because technology moves very quickly and systems change every day.
  • Have a Good Working Relationship with the IT Department – It’s not possible that a VA knows everything tech-related, there are times when help is badly needed so it pays to be in a good working relationship with the IT people.

Quality #2. Able to Work Well & Maintain Professionalism Under Pressure

Pressure is inevitable. Everybody at one point comes across with it and tries to deal with it. It’s just a matter of knowing how to face pressure in a healthy and productive way, and it’s important for a VA to understand this.

There are times when things get rough and hairy on your end, but you would not want your clients to see how things are going behind the curtain. So, your VA should always make sure that the clients feel prioritized no matter how crazy the workload may be.

Pressure, most of the time, comes in when there’s so much to do and the turn-around time is short. When this happens, your VA should be extra careful in communicating with clients because you would never want to pass on any stress or tension to them. Otherwise, your VA will look unprofessional as he couldn’t keep his cool during the hard times.

Quality #3. Good Communication Skills

Most, if not all, corporate jobs require employees to have good communication skills, mainly because it’s hard to clearly and positively express yourself in speaking and writing if your comm skills are weak.

But what exactly does it mean? We hear it all the time but it’s difficult to pinpoint what it actually indicates. Here’s a list to help you learn the different communication skills and understand why each skill is important for a VA to have.

  1. Speaking – This is a given. A good speaker is someone who is able to convey his message in a proper and convincing manner.
  2. Writing – This is a skill that is wanted by many, taken by a few. Good writing is being able to clearly and understandably express ideas, opinions, and whatever it is that the writer would like to convey.
  3. Active Listening – If a VA doesn’t actively listen, he will have a hard time getting what he is asked to do.
  4. Nonverbal Communication – This is just as important as grammar and pronunciation. Nonverbal communication involves eye contact, body language, hand gestures, and even tone of voice.
  5. Confidence – You will see if a VA is confident through the way he acts or speaks. A VA should sound like he believes in what he’s saying and is sure of it. Uses a firm but friendly tone.
  6. Open-Mindedness – Good communication is entering into a conversation with an open mind. Meaning open to listen and understand the other person’s perspective and take on things.
  7. Feedback – The importance of being able to give and take feedback is that clients will appreciate the open-mindedness and willingness to receive constructive criticism which is a huge factor in improving the quality of work.

To sum everything up, good communication skills may be the most basic skills that an employee or a VA can possess, but they remain to be extremely necessary.

If you are in search of virtual assistants that can take an amount of workload off your shoulders, it’s important that you look for those 3 qualities at least.

You need VAs that…..

  1. Are tech-savvy
  2. Are able to work well & maintain professionalism under pressure
  3. Have good communication skills

In short, you need virtual assistants from Global OfficeWorks! The qualities mentioned above are what this company is about. We embrace technology and communication as it is something that we will need for the rest of our lives, we value professionalism so much that we don’t want our clients to ever see us tense or pressured even when things are rough on our end.

Part of our mission is to positively affect the lives of our clients by assisting them with the management and marketing of their business, resulting in increased personal time and additional income and that is the reason why we put so much importance on these qualities. They have been a huge part of our success over the years as they help our employees provide quality services to our clients.

Partner with us! You’ll be surprised at how many great qualities our employees possess.

Remember, Global OfficeWorks has an entire management team in place to support you. Whenever we can be of any assistance, please reach out to us at any time.

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