We always talk about how the internet has made our life easy, simple, and fast. Using digital marketing, you can reach a huge amount of audience in a way that is both measurable and cost-effective, unlike traditional marketing methods. With one platform, so much data of target markets and profile consumers has been made available to us. 

We, as marketers, often overwhelm ourselves, thinking that we know exactly what our customers want and that we can offer it with no hassle. However, that is not always the case, especially with everything going digital. Digital marketing too has its downsides and challenges that you should be aware of as you transition to the modern market. 

Time and Patience – Setting up your platforms and websites is a trial and error experiment. It will be aggravating and your Digital Marketing Assistant needs to run it multiple times to achieve the desired result. Besides technical programming, managing, and maintenance; tasks like optimizing online advertising campaigns and content creation for marketing posts take up a lot of time and revisions. 

Skilled Digital Marketers – The internet is not too friendly for startup businesses. Skills, right knowledge, expertise in utilizing the tools, trends, and platforms are vital to successfully carry out digital marketing. Without talented personnel, you will not only be wasting time and money, but you will be losing your potential and existing clients at the same time. Your team also needs to be an avid researcher and up-to-date as internet marketing is radical, and varies for every age, race, and culture.

Crab Mentality – There is this idiom that says, “If I can’t have it, neither can you.” It sounds childish, right? But this is what we call Crab Mentality or Bucket-Crab Mentality, wherein people are compared to crabs in a bucket pulling each other down to reach the top. For digital marketing, the internet is the bucket, and all the companies who market their brands are the crabs who strive to survive. The day you go digital, every day is a competition – fiercer than ever before. Without the right people and platform, you’ll drown in a sea of startup businesses.

Everybody Talks- May it be your social media followers, your potential leads, your current clients, or just mere passersby of your digital accounts, they all have something to say about you and your business. This will be your greatest setback; any negative criticism or feedback of your brand can be visible to your audience through reviews and social media. Ensuring effective customer service online can be a challenge. Failure to respond or get a negative comment can greatly damage your brand — unfortunately, some never recover from it. 

Privacy and Security – The internet is not secured and that is something we need to acknowledge. As you upload all your confidential information and run your business online, there is no assurance that it will not be breached. That is why, if possible, any documents or transactions that may put your business at risk, do not use the internet. Precaution needs to be established. 

Besides that, numerous legal considerations dwell in collecting and using customer data for digital marketing purposes. Even though it is available through the internet, you need to be careful in doing research, to check if it was acquired legally. All these, to ensure that you and your team comply with the rules and regulations regarding privacy and data protection.  It is crucial, it only takes one wrong move for you, your team, and your entire business to be sued by your outsourced leads. 

Truly, Digital Marketing benefits businesses of all kinds and sizes by providing access to the mass market at a reasonable price. Unlike handing out fliers and other print media, using television commercials, radio broadcasts, or doing outbound telemarketing calls, having it all done digitally is easier and lessens aggravation from your target market. 

There might be disadvantages, however, doing it digitally has proved itself worth investing in, both in time and money. It can boost your Search Optimization Google ranking, improve your business social media and online presence without having to spend too much time in the office to market your brand.

Global OfficeWorks is here to make your digital marketing easier for you, as we have an entire management team in place to support you.  

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