Happy Clients


Allison James Estates and Homes of Tennessee

Rodney has been more than willing to help my transition into using a virtual assistant. He has been responsive and accommodating.

Patricia Corcoran

Thunderbird Power Corp.

Rodney is a consummate professional and I loved working with him.


Pro Realty, LLC / Real Estate Broker

I have been using GLOW for almost two years now!! It’s a great company! Management is great with communication and they are always reliable and dependable!! Highly recommend!!


Creo Wealth

Kris has been an amazing help to me in our business by taking over all of the things that I just don’t have time to do. Thank you also for being so patient when I get frustrated with technology! Your help has meant that I can focus on our customers. I look forward to the coming year and working more with you and building up our business. Thank you Champ for stepping up and helping Kris with all of our work, your help has meant that there has been a smooth transition.


Ripper Tradie Media

I don’t know how I ever survived without GLOW. They always go above and beyond. Their love for my business still astounds me. Their attention to detail, initiative, work ethic, and ability to read me is exactly what I needed. 2020 has been a tough year, a year to lay the foundation. 2021 is the year where we will grow, and I honestly can’t imagine doing this without them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do. Thank you again for all you do, I’m so happy that I chose Global Officeworks to be a part of my team.


Re/Max Honolulu

I am pleased and content to have the professional services of Global OfficeWorks Inc. With the assistance of their services, my business is growing on a daily basis. I have been doubling my productivity since day one. The giants in the real estate industry tell us “Gather a team to grow exponentially.” Well, I can see it already growing exponentially. Within six months of starting GLOW services, I am already making plans to acquire the assistance of two more assistants


ASPEN Real Estate

Rodney will help you in anyway that he can to make it right for you. This virtual assistant(VA) system has given Janet and I more free time to enjoy, take time to travel and the ability to earn more money without having to pay someone here a higher rate and or pay for medical benefits. Honestly (working with Global OfficeWorks) is the best business decision we have made. There are other companies out there that maybe cheaper BUT you get what you pay for. Rodney is the kind of guy that is on your team to make sure all the gears are running in sync. So my advice is to set up a one on one with Rodney, tell him about your needs and why you would need the extra help, that way he can help tailor something for you to try out



Property management is getting a larger role in my revenue stream, both on my own rentals as well management for others. The first 5 days of the month are crucial to the well-being of the business. Both Mae and Raya have contributed in better rent collections, especially with the reimbursement claims of unpaid rents from government decrees.

All I can say is that Mae has become an indispensable member of my team. Raya is showing good progress to become one.


Nate’s Suite Stays and Airbnb Management

We have only been working together for about two months, but in that time we have seen our team shine! Both Nathan and I would like to say how much we have appreciated Mae and Joezer!

Mae has been an incredible asset to our team as we learn how to not only host our guests through Air B n B but also give them the comforts and attention through our messages. We are happy with the work you are putting in and look forward to working with you as our business grows! By answering these messages, you are helping us to make a difference in the lives of others as we welcome them from all over the country. Thank you for all of your diligent work!

Joezer has been a valuable part of our team as well! We are grateful for your willingness to learn and grow! You have really helped our Air B and B team to shine as well and we are looking forward to welcoming new guests and seeing how we can best serve them. Thank you for all of your hard work!

All that you do doesn’t go without notice, and we are thankful for all of the hours that you tirelessly put in to learn, to make this business run more smoothly, and to allow our guests the pleasure of staying at home away from home.

Raju Dalta

Rodney and his VA services company are not only great to work with, but they are very enthusiastic and go above and beyond the call of their Duty. Rodney truly cares about his employees and it shows that they care about the company’s growth too similarly.

His company never had experience with Airbnb support which I needed, although it started a bit slow and learning process, they quickly became very good at it and mostly do most of the work without having to guide them. Highly, highly recommend him and his company for any Real estate-related VA services, including cold calling, etc.



Jayson has been and is an asset to my business. His calming nature and ‘can-do’ attitude is outstanding and makes his easy to work with. He has exceptional technical abilities, is easy to communicate with as he is able to interpret my brief instructions and move forward clearly and he makes me feel secure in knowing I can trust him. Jayson, thank you for the incredible work that you do, enjoy your rest time off work, and I hope to come meet you and all the GLOW team in person in the coming year!

To Joe, Cathy, Ruselle and all the management team – you guys are such a joy to have in my corner and thank you for all that you do in supporting the GLOW staff because without you they wouldn’t want to come to work and be the exceptional service staff that they are. Good teams are led by good leaders and that is what you are.


Hi guys. I just want to say that I appreciate you guys very much. You guys are helping me build my dreams and I hope to continue to help you form yours. I really appreciate the time, effort, and high level of service you provide. Without you, the business could not exist. Thank you so much!

Ant Lop Investment Properties, Inc



As you know, this year has been pretty hectic for us here at Futurebound. Carlo and Jayson have helped us so much throughout this entire year. Their can-do attitudes ensure that we can give any task to them and they will be not just able to do complete the task in a time-effective manner, but also exceed our expectations. They are self-sufficient, hard working and always come to work with a smile on their faces ready to get the job done! Jayson – Jayson’s eye for detail and creative flair ensures the Futurebound collateral looks amazing, fresh and professional. His work is always completed in a time-effective manner and to a high standard. Jayson is able to take any task whether it’s graphic design, web design or database management and roll with it, we’re so blessed to have his awesome and varied skillset on board here at Futurebound. Carlo – Carlo is consistent, initiative-focussed and a pleasure to work with. He is self-sufficient and always brings new ideas to the table. His work is always completed in a time-effective manner and to a high standard. Carlo is results-focussed and with the hard work our social media platforms are reaching new heights with great engagement rates and followings. Carlo has great drive and motivation which makes him such a model employee; we’re very blessed to have him. 

Mae is awesome because she is so reliable and we can trust her to carry out jobs that we allocate to her. She’s also punctual and a great person to work with-cheerful and willing to help. She’s great! 

Britta Neinast

Thank you to all of you at the GLOW team for being a part of my efforts to grow my business. It is a learning experience and partnering with your team was highly instrumental in becoming more clear on my goals and message moving forward. I appreciated your willingness to try things and offer suggestions to make it better and more successful. My plan for the coming year is to be even more clear and strategic in my message. Having the right team is crucial and your team is a very valuable part of that process. Thank you and I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. ♥



The GLOW Team has really changed my life. As I always say – nothing Virtual about Champ and Ariane. Like to think more of them as my Remote Team than a Virtual Assistant. They have both helped me achieve things this year that I would not have been able to do without them.

For Champ – he gets me and my brain that goes all over the place and thinks of the next thing while we are working on something else. He is able to complete tasks on time and efficiently and has some great business ideas. For my social media he is just amazing and comes up with the greatest captions. Between him and Ariane they find incredible Kangaroo Island photos to share. Would not have been able to get an entry in for the Tourism Awards if it wasn’t for both of them.

Ariane is awesome at making lists and spreadsheets and was a tremendous help when we decided to go No Vax No Stay and had to advise all future bookings. She comes up with some great graphics. She is great at doing all the repetitive tasks in the background that are needed to make things run smoothly that one tends not to notice when all is running well. I really appreciate you for that and may not always mention my thanks for that. I hated doing Sealink Remittance Advices and now I don’t even think about it. 


To the entire team at Global OfficeWorks, thank you for your patience and support through what has been a challenging year for many of us worldwide. Here we are, nearly 2 years of dealing with the pandemic and I think it’s fair to say that we have all had to work harder to deliver our services. Sometimes this has certainly led to moments of frustration but at the same time I see some positive aspects of these times. For Outback Traders this has made us focus on renewing the commitment to our values. By this I mean not only taking time to value our customers but moreover to value the people we work with, to care about the qualities of honesty, integrity humility and service to each other. That is to genuinely care about lives of each and every one of us, to support each other. This is what makes us a great team! Joe, Cathy and Ruselle, thank you for taking care of us all. I appreciate you greatly and I look forward to building our team together in 2022. Karen, Dear Karen, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your service to our family company. You have done an excellent job this year, we really appreciate your professionalism and your care towards us, our suppliers, and our customers. Your accolades are many and well deserved. Thank you! Mae Ann. Thank you dear, thank you for your dedication. We are so sad to lose you and we hope you will return someday. Godspeed and God bless! Miss Hazel. We love you and we love your work. Your talents are many and we look forward what we can achieve together in the future. Rodney. Thank you, sir. What a great thing you have achieved bringing all this together. I hope that we will grow together and do business together for many years. You’re true blue! Thanks mate! Eva And I are truly grateful for everyone’s efforts this year. 



Raya – thanks for all the hard work you’ve done this year! I appreciate all the extra effort you put in – going above and beyond to get everything done (especially in times where we’re extremely busy).

It’s been a challenging year but we’ve had lots of growth thanks to your excellent work ethic, willingness to learn (and master) new skills, and how much care you put into your work. You really care a lot about SMC and it shows! Thanks for being a valuable part of the team 🙂 Thanks very much to the GLOW management team for stepping in to support us when challenges arose and helping find solutions to problems (like the private coaching video downloading/uploading task). Thanks for your great communication and ongoing support. We have been able to grow a lot this year thanks to everyone on the SMC team including all the hard work Raya has put in!


Westward Advisors by eXp Realty Colorado

Thank you to all of you at the GLOW team for being a part of my efforts to grow my business. It is a learning experience and partnering with your team was highly instrumental in becoming more clear on my goals and message moving forward. I appreciated your willingness to try things and offer suggestions to make it better and more successful. My plan for the coming year is to be even more clear and strategic in my message. Having the right team is crucial and your team is a very valuable part of that process. Thank you and I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. ♥



I have only been involved with Global OfficeWorks for a short period of time and I have been completely ‘blown away’ by so may aspects of the professionalism and experience that the team members bring and share. This is a new experience for me because until now my business has only been mad up of me 🙂 From my first conversation with Rodney and then the introduction and then my walk through with Cathy through to working with Joey and now Champ everyone has been friendly and helpful. When I spoke with Rodney at the beginning he helped me to understand how Global Officeworks and my business could benefit from each other and what things I would need to do to have ready so that everything would be easier to set up. Cathy then helped my organise my work and was so patient and encouraging while I got information together and learned about new applications such as LastPass and Asana. Thank you Cathy for your kind professionalism while we got that organised. Since then I have been working with Joey and now Champ. Joey’s enthusiasm and happy disposition makes him a joy to work with. Thanks Joey for all your time and I hope you recover well. Champ is so experienced and seems to get work done as if by magic! Thank you Champ in particular for getting my website under control and helping me with some other bits that have come up in the course of our time working together. I am excited to continue working with GLOW and to be able to work on some of the things I have only dreamed that I would get done! Particularly in developing some social media and digital marketing strategies. I am looking forward to creating a fabulous, symbiotic relationship where everyone benefits. Thank you so much for your help so far! Also, because I am enjoying working with you all so much, I have been telling any of my friends who I think may need some help, about Global OfficeWorks 🙂


The Mental Fitness Company

Big thanks to Kate this year for her understanding and connection to my brand The Mental Fitness Company. Kate has been very resourceful in researching and putting together online content that is so well targeted to my audience and helpful with all administration, no matter what I pass her way. Always kind, smiling, caring and helpful – I have really enjoyed working with Kate in 2021. Thank you for being you. I’m looking forward to growing massively in 2022! Joe, Thanks for pulling together the communications and your overall management in keeping things together. I appreciate your smiling face and kind manner whenever we meet online. And thanks to Cathy, Ruselle and the rest of the team who I don’t have much to do with, but know it takes a team to run your end. 




Amber – Continues to work autonomously without a lot of intervention from myself, to produce top quality graphic design outputs. I’ve greatly appreciated your efforts throughout this Amber – thank you! Nikki – Has hit the ground running the minute she stepped into her role! Nikki was an immense help juggling the many different tasks that were expected of her – thank you!


GLOW does an excellent job of providing quality virtual assistants in a productive working environment. They work with you to make sure that you and your new hire are a great fit. Another benefit is there is always coverage since they are in a full office environment. We have had a wonderful experience with GLOW and look forward to a promising future

To Joezer, Thank you for all you do! Maintenance is an important part of our business and we couldn’t do it without you! It is all about follow-up and communication. You have been getting better and better and also working well with Rachel. Keep up the good work!! We appreciate you!



Kate has been an excellent addition to the team this year. With a warm and delightful smile, she is always on a mission by helping elevate our team and partners. We have found her to be positive and a keen learner. Always raises up to new challenges and looking to grow. We are looking to grow our team next year and are going to rely on Kate abilities to help us onboard and expand the business. We have every confidence in her that she will rise to the occasion.



I hope the team enjoys the holiday party this weekend. Please give my gratitude to the entire team for your support and continued support for Reyes Auto Glass. 2022 will be a pivotal year for all of us. As our current environment continues to change with uncertainly and everything else going on around the world, I am glad to say that our company is well positioned. With that said, we will be attempting to scale into other markets in 2022 and need our VA’s to be fully versed in what we are selling. I will continue to invest in training sessions with our VA’s as we continue to grow.



We have loved working with Kate over the past 12 months, and feel she is a real asset to Hatsonline. Always willing to assist with any task, and completed with enthusiasm and dedication. We are looking forward to the next 12 months with Kate. Knowing that she is on our team, will make our year run so much more smoothly. This year has seen a significant upgrade to our systems and website presence, and we will continue to progress towards our goals for complete and utter domination of the hat industry next year!!