Terms and Conditions

This document is an addendum to the Client Services Agreement executed by Global OfficeWorks, Inc (GLOW) and Client.

Section 1. Obligations of Client

CLIENT, to act in accordance and without prejudice to the terms and conditions the Terms and Conditions shall comply with its duties and responsibilities as follows:

1.1 Define all operational requirements of the business processes that shall be provided by GLOW, including but not limited to a job description of Clients desired Virtual Assistant (VA) which identifies the qualifications and skill set Client desires the VA to have, scope of work, software and hardware requirements, and any specific training requirements.

1.2 To pay the recurring monthly fee, including holiday pay. See section 6 for a list of holidays.

1.3 Submit the monthly advance payment on or before the 1st day of the month of service If payment is not received by the 15th day of the month, GLOW shall have the right to temporarily suspend services until full payment is made. Client agrees that the service fees will be incurring and payable while the service is suspended for non payment.

1.4 Client may request a re-connection of services if a late payment has caused a disruption of services. Re-connection of employment shall only occur after the account is brought current including late fees and all regular charges accrued throughout the period of termination. In this case, GLOW will provide the same VA as previously hired, only if the VA is available.

1.5 GLOW will send a monthly invoice only if there are additional charges described in section 8. Client shall settle all of its obligations for these additional charges within 7 days of receipt of invoice.

1.6  Conduct or facilitate training for Client’s VA regarding Client’s business and the tasks Client will be assigning to Clients VA.

1.7 Notify GLOW immediately of any issues or problems Client is experiencing.

Section 2.  Cancellation of this Agreement

2.1 Within the first 30 days of this agreement, both GLOW and Client may cancel at any time, and CLIENT will receive a full refund of the deposit, with both parties released from all obligations under this agreement.

2.2 After the first 30 days have elapsed, Either party, GLOW and CLIENT, may terminate this agreement with immediate effect by way of a written notice if either party commits breach in any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement provided that the dispute cannot be remedied, or if capable of being remedied, or fails to remedy the same within seven (7) day from receipt of the written notice to do so. The parties further agree that termination under this provision shall be resorted to only when all other dispute resolution mechanisms have failed to resolve the issue.

2.3 GLOW shall have 30 days to cure the default to Clients satisfaction. If at the end of this 30 day period, GLOW has not cured the default, in Clients sole discretion, this agreement shall terminate and both parties shall be released from further obligations.

Section 3. Office Based Working Environment.

3.1 GLOW Provides for an Office Based working environment only. Except for emergency situations, we do not allow our employees to work from home. 

Section 4. Human Resource Management

4.1 GLOW shall be solely responsible for providing all employment entitlements, including, but not limited to:

  1. Basic Salary disbursement
  2. Payment of all Government Mandated Benefits
  3. Scheduled and unscheduled bonuses.
  4. Payment of Salary during personal and annual leave.
  5. Withholding Taxes

4.2 Employee Relations and Discipline. GLOW shall provide all Human Resource management throughout the term of this agreement, including:

  1. Implementation of GLOW’s company code of conduct and policies
  2. Mediating and resolving any issues occurring between the VA & Client.
  3. Resolving all claims by employees.

Section 5. Employees

GLOW is an Independent Contractor of Client. As used herein the term “Employee” shall mean and be interpreted as an employee of GLOW, and not client. GLOW is responsible for staffing, managing and otherwise complying with the designated needs of Client as set forth herein. GLOW agrees to indemnify and hold Client harmless from any and all claims that may be made by persons employed by GLOW in the performance of the tasks included herein. All VA’s provided by GLOW to Client shall be employed by GLOW and shall not be interpreted in any way as employees of Client. GLOW shall be solely responsible from any claim or suit for unpaid wages, salaries or benefits due to its employees rendering services for this Agreement.

Section 6. Paid Holidays and Other Leaves

8 specific public holidays and up to 13 vacation and sick days (total) shall be granted to your VA each year. These are paid days off which do not affect the monthly service fee. Should Client require their VA to work on a holiday listed in section 6, Client shall pay a penalty rate of $25 per day. (in addition to the regular monthly payment). In the event VA is absent for more than the days stated here, Client shall be entitled to a daily refund in the amount of 1/31 of the amount of the monthly service fee.

6.1  Observance of Holidays 

Holidays Taken By GLOW Date Holiday falls in Philippines
New Years Day January 1
Maundy Thursday (Easter) Moveable Date
Good Friday (Easter) Moveable Date
Philippine Independence Day June 12
Christmas Eve December 24
Christmas Day December 25
Rizal Day December 30
New Year’s Eve  December 31

6.2 Your Employee’s Birthday
GLOW provides the day off for your employee on their birthday. This is very much appreciated by your employee. We find that this increases the productivity and positive attitude of your employee.

6.8 Additional Bonuses

Client shall have the ability to pay its VA additional bonuses. This is at the discretion of the Client. Client agrees to submit all additional bonuses to its VA through GLOWGLOW shall not charge any fee for payment of this bonus, but shall collect and pay all required withholding taxes and government mandated benefits.

Section 7. Infrastructure  & Connectivity

GLOW shall provide and maintain the following to Client throughout the term of this Agreement:

7.1 GLOW shall ensure that all hardware necessary for the VA to undertake work in relation to this Agreement must be fully working and capable of processing all tasks required of the VA by Client.

7.2 Connectivity, including but not limited to internet access, phone and EMail between the CLIENT and the VA shall be available during the VA’s working hours and subject to the limitations described in section 8.

7.3 Connectivity Downtime. For Connectivity issues attributable to GLOW’s infrastructure system failure, GLOW, in all of its capacity, shall restore connectivity at the soonest possible time.

Section 8. Overtime

8.1   Full time services are deemed to be a 40 hour work week, 8 hours per day, Monday through Friday.

8.2   Part time services are deemed to be a 20 hour work week, 4 hours per day, Monday through Friday.

8.3   Overtime shall be defined as any hours worked by your VA in excess of 4 hours per day for part time and 8 hours per day with full time services. VA shall only work overtime at the written request of the Client.  Any overtime required by Client shall be paid by client at the current rate described in your service agreement.

Section 9. Annual Cost Increases

Prices are subject to an annual increase of 7.5%. This shall occur on the annual anniversary of the Client’s start date. This increase will cover the salary increase of your VA as well as the inflationary increase in operational costs. No other increases shall be permitted without the mutual consent of both parties.

Section 10. Clients Additional Expenses

Additional expenses of Client not included in the base cost shall be limited to the following:

10.1 All license fees for any industry specific software shall be at the expense of the Client..

10.2 Penalty rate of $25 per day shall be paid if the client requires the employee to work on any of the holidays listed in section 6.

10.3 Any additional bonus compensation paid by Client to VA shall be at the discretion of the Client.

Sections 11. Confidentiality

Contents of Client’s work, systems, equipment, contracts, agreements, properties, documents and information, whether relevant to this Agreement or not, are considered confidential. Such information must not be used, stored, shared, exchanged or passed on in any manner to anybody without the written consent of the Client. GLOW shall protect and monitor work performed by GLOW employees to ensure compliance with these confidentiality considerations and to ensure that the security and integrity of data is maintained. This clause shall survive the termination of the Agreement. Any breach of this clause shall enable Client to terminate this Agreement immediately, by written notice.

Section 12. Intellectual Property

All work specifically undertaken or developed by GLOW and GLOW personnel as part of this Agreement is the property of CLIENT. This includes all databases and anything else in the course of undertaking this Agreement. GLOW shall protect and monitor work performed by GLOW employees to ensure compliance with this clause.

Section 13. Privacy

All data owned by, or entrusted to CLIENT and accessed by GLOW or GLOW’s personnel in the course of this Agreement shall be kept private, and shall be used only in order to successfully complete this Agreement. GLOW shall protect and monitor work performed by GLOW’s employees to ensure compliance with this provision.


14.1 All property such as databases and appointments that empowers Client, Client’s documentation, manuals, handbooks, systems & processes, CRM system, equipment and all other materials owned by Client that are used by GLOW in order to fulfill this Agreement remain the property of Client. This clause shall survive the termination of the Agreement.

14.2 All property such as training manuals, handbooks, systems & processes, CRM system, equipment and all other materials owned by GLOW that are used by the Client in order to fulfill this Agreement remain the property of GLOWt. This clause shall survive the termination of the Agreement.

Section 15. Non Circumvent

Client agrees that it will not, during the term of this agreement, or at any time following the termination of this agreement, enter into, or attempt to enter into any type of direct agreement (employment, contractual or otherwise) with any of GLOW’s employees. This includes current or previous employees who worked for GLOW while this agreement was in effect.  Nor shall Client induce or attempt to induce GLOW employees to resign and engage in any relationship with Client. Client shall notify GLOW if an employee ever instigates and circumvent discussion.

Section 16. Security

Each Party shall, for its exclusive account, be responsible for its own security (the “Firewall”) for its network/system. Neither Party shall be liable to the other for the failure of each Party’s Firewalls to maintain the integrity of its network/system.


If any provision of this Agreement is found to be contrary to law by a court of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be of no force or effect; but the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect. The parties shall promptly confer in good faith with respect to any provision found to be in contravention of the law, in order to agree on a substitute provision.


Clauses relating to privacy, indemnification, proprietary rights, non-compete, confidentiality and security shall survive the termination of this Agreement.


The validity, interpretation, performance and any issue arising out of this Agreement shall be interpreted under the laws and jurisdiction of the State of Colorado.


Event of Force Majeure means an event beyond the control of GLOW and Client that prevents GLOW or Client from complying with any of its obligations under this Contract, including but not limited to:

  1. a) act of God (such as, but not limited to drought, floods, explosions, earthquakes, tidal waves and fires)
  2. b) war, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), invasion, act of foreign enemies, mobilization, requisition, or restriction
  3. c) pressure waves from transportation / devices travelling beyond normal speeds or damage caused by any aircraft or similar transportation / device
  4. d) revolution, rebellion, government upheaval, mutiny, or military or take over power, or civil war
  5. e) contamination by radioactivity / radiation from any nuclear fuel, or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel, radioactive toxic explosive, or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component of such assembly;
  6. f) riot, commotion, strikes, disorder, or other industrial action or blockade or restriction or any other form of civil disturbance (whether lawful or not), in each case affecting in general the industry, related to the affected Services and which is not attributable to any unreasonable action or inaction on the part of GLOWor any of GLOW’s Service Providers and the settlement of which is beyond the reasonable control of all such persons;
  7. g) act or threats of terrorism
  8. h) other unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of both Parties against which it would have been unreasonable for the affected party to take precautions and which the affected party cannot avoid even by using its best efforts;

On which each case directly causes either party to be unable to comply with all or a material part of its obligations under this Agreement;

20.1 Neither GLOW nor Client shall be in breach of its obligations under this agreement, other than payment obligations, or incur any liability to the other Party for any damages or losses of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered if and to the extent that it is prevented from carrying out those obligations by, or such damages or losses are caused by, an Event of Force Majeure as stated in Section 18.

20.2 As a condition to the claim of non-liability, the party experiencing the difficulty due to an Event of Force Majeure shall provide the other party timely written notice / incident reports, with complete details following the occurrence of such delay or prevention of performance.

20.3 If an Event of Force Majeure occurs and its effects continue for a period of thirty (30) days, Client may give GLOW a Notice of Termination as stated in Section 3 of this Agreement. If the occurrence and effects of the Event of Force Majeure ceases within the Notice of Termination period or before the effective date of termination, CLIENT may continue to engage the Services of GLOW by way of cancelling the Notice of Termination in writing.

Section 21. Entire Agreement

This Contract hereby constitutes the entire agreement between Client and GLOW and supersedes all previous agreements regarding the work, whether oral or in writing signed by both parties. Modification of this contract may only occur in writing, signed by both parties.

Section 22. INDEMNITY

Client does hereby release and agree to defend, indemnify and hold GLOW and its and their officers, directors, employees and agents harmless from any and all costs, expenses (including, without limitation of the foregoing, reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs), liabilities, damages, and causes of action, arising out of the performance of the services contemplated by this Agreement, except for those caused by the gross negligence or willful actions or omissions of GLOW, including any of its or their employees or agents.

Section 23. NOTICES

Any notice pursuant to this Agreement shall be made in writing and e-mailed, (return receipt requested) to Client and GLOW.

Section 24. Binding Effect.

This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of Client and GLOW and their respective heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns.

Section 25. Acknowledgement

By signing the Client Services Agreement, Client and GLOW agree to the Terms and Conditions herein agreed to between the parties.

Section 26. Electronic Signing of Documents

All documents shall be executed electronically and shall have full force and effect as if it were an original.