We manage your skilled Real Estate Assistant from our office

What Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant can do for you

If you ask every successful REALTOR®, you will find out that part of their success comes from focusing on what really matters. In this business, what do you think matters most? Easy….Customers. Establishing a good relationship with them and closing that deal. Just because you’re working 12-16 hours a day doesn’t mean that you have everything covered. If you look at the tasks that a REALTOR® does every single day (including the simple task of remembering deadlines), you might want to extend your working hours. But the thing is, you don’t have to. There are a lot of things that you can delegate to your assistant. A LOT!

Following are our suggestions for some of the tasks that you can have your Real Estate Virtual Assistant do. Some of these tasks may be something that you are not currently doing and don’t want to do or maybe you would want to start doing—it’s really your preference.

Pre-Listing Activities

Post Listing Activities

Marketing the Listing

Transaction Management


General Duties

Personal Marketing


Manage Incoming Calls


REO & BPO Services

Website Management

Social Media Marketing