Ten or fifteen years ago, getting a virtual assistant might not have been an option for a real estate agent. Why would REA’s settle for someone working virtually when then can afford to hire someone locally? Why indeed. Fast forward to today. The real estate business is not as profitable as it was 10 (or 15) years ago. But at the same time, it’s not as bad compared to 6 years back.


Real estate agents are now beginning to venture into the world of virtual employees—virtual assistants. And they do so for a variety of reasons. And one reason is: convenience.


For a Real Estate Agent to just focus on selling is already a form of convenience. They don’t have to worry about updating the books, updating listings, calling delinquent properties, returning voicemails, scheduling appointments, preparing sales contracts, tracking contracts, doing online marketing, maintaining the website, answering phone calls, checking on clients, and A LOT MORE. There are a lot of tasks that a Real Estate Agent can pass on to a Virtual Assistant. Most of these tasks can be done online and by using cloud-based technology.


Another reason is: cost. On an average, if you hire a local admin assistant, it would cost you $50k to $60k a year. If you hire a virtual assistant, the average cost per year is $12k to $20k or LOWER — and we’re not talking about High School graduates but virtual assistants with college education and more often than not—with experience. An added benefit is that you don’t have to worry about logistics and benefits—everything will be taken care of. You just have to think about the tasks you want your real estate virtual assistant to do.


Unsure? Then go for a 30-day no obligation trial. It’s possible. You just have to ask.

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