We all know that excellent customer service, reliability, and outstanding work ethic are what make a great Virtual Assistant. Looking for the right talent to work with you may not be easy, however, it can help you guarantee that your business is on its way towards achieving ultimate success. To do this, a company should establish excellent team members that possess the right qualities needed to accomplish multiple responsibilities.

So, what makes a great virtual assistant?

Global OfficeWorks have identified the qualities of a great virtual assistant that would keep your clients happy and satisfied.

Excellent Leadership and Organization Skills

Leaders are born to lead, organize, and move up the success ladder. They usually fill management roles that enhance collective productivity and efficiency to reach corporate success.

Smart Thinker

An industrious person can be a good employee but a smart thinker would still be the best attribute you can benefit from a team. Not only that you can accomplish certain tasks but also you can provide effective solutions to current and future hitches.

Excellent Written and Verbal Skills

Communication plays a crucial role in ensuring corporate success. The ability to communicate well with your team enhances the air of transparency and consistency.


Being able to understand how this ever-changing technology works and incorporating them into your business is a wise move. Not only that you can provide valuable information but your teammates can also benefit from it by improving the system and introducing new resources for them to allocate their knowledge and skills.

Reliable and Disciplined

The capability to arrive early in the office on time or having little to no absences during work hours make an employee two or three steps ahead of others. People who exhibit such attributes can maintain a good perspective within the corporate setting. They are bound to bounce back from difficulties and hindrances regardless of what work throws at them.


Employees who actively listen enables them to execute tasks properly. They usually thrive in sales and customer services. They also boost productivity by avoiding misunderstandings, building relationships, and overcoming discrepancies.

Flexible and Motivated

Having employees who are not resistant to change is a great advantage to your business as they are willing to adhere to a new system and/or policy. They are also bound to survive through corporate difficulties for they are driven with great motivation to perform their roles.


Above anything else, an employee must be able to think rationally, respond to problems critically, and work professionally. Many employees lack this attribute and would often do things on their own without considering other’s thoughts and/or outputs. Professional workers naturally display their pride with a positive demeanor, communicate during difficult times without being reactive, have a good sense of character, and hold responsibility.

A Virtual Assistant can be confident enough to bring smiles to his client/s by implementing all these attributes to their working style. That way, you’ll be able to keep and build long term relationships with your clients.

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