Marketing is too scripted nowadays. As marketers, no matter how hard we try, we always stray back to the norms in marketing – robotic and bland. You will often hear those who are ahead of you say: we have always done it this way, that is too risky, words that can instantly kill your business.

Cliché as it may sound, you have to think outside the box. What has previously worked; may no longer work today, and what has worked today might no longer work tomorrow. It is a never-ending process; we need to be flexible. We need to foster the notion that our way of thinking must be as grand as The Great Gatsby and allow our minds to adapt to widespread changes.

However, breaking boundaries is unless you take a risk, you will never get there. But consider this thought before you go to bed- you will not know where the box is until you are already out of it. What you see in your business is biased to how much you can see from where you are standing. Once you get out of it, you will see how tilted, outdated, wrinkled, and small your box is. 

Despite having a strong desire, how would you know where the sides of the box are? And, when have you leaped outside the box? You might have heard about how adults have to think outside the box, while children do not know the box exists.

So, with that statement, instead of thinking like adults as we are, we need to take a step back. We don’t need to think like kids, we just need to consider what the younger generation thinks. In an article published by Sage Journals in 2015, research has proved that children are the best source for innovation and new ideas. It is because they have been exposed and immersed in technology since the day they were born. 

For Digital Marketing, that alone is an advantage an adult can’t surpass. Children are not limited to the traditional technology frames that adults are wary of. Thus compared to the older generation, their creativity is not hindered by tradition and stereotypes. 

If you want to know where the box is and how to escape it to gain creative and innovative ideas, you, your team, and your business as a whole have to be open to every idea thrown at you no matter how ridiculous it may sound today. As a business owner, it is important to realize and learn how to step away from your limiting beliefs on what is effective and what is realistic.

Don’t get me wrong – if what you are doing now works for your business, by all means, you may continue. Thinking big is not always the best path for some; neglecting the small and frequent changes in the name of scale can also be damaging for them. But, there’s always that what-if question that leads to regrets as years go by.

Stepping outside of your business’ comfort zone and pushing your marketers to think outside the box does not only apply to restructuring your marketing strategy, but it should be a mentality that you, as the business owner, should employ daily. No one knew it was possible to reach the moon until someone took the initiative. There’s no such word as impossible for entrepreneurs.

Business owners should be thinking about how they could improve their workflow and the deliverables they present to their clients. Here are some questions that you can start asking yourself to keep your ideas running:

1. Is our logo known to the public? Is it too common? Do our clients know what it stands for? Does it symbolize something? What message does our logo say about our brand?

2. Do we want the public to talk about our company? What do we want them to say about us? How can we be remembered by them?

3. How vast does our audience need to be? Are we trying to be a global company? Can we have the same effect as a global company in a small town and start from there?

4. What can we do besides selling our products and services that will get our name out there? How can we get all the age groups to be interested in our service? What can be limiting us to do more and reach more?

5. How much would it cost to realize all our plans? If we do make it, what can we do to rise above our competitors and get our message out there? 

6. How can we make it cost-effective to put all these thoughts to reality?

Once you start thinking and creative ideas, you’ll start seeing things in a clearer perspective. You can define your limiting factors and then know how far you can push yourself to achieve more – allowing ridiculous and impossible ideas and situations into opportunities to grow your business. 

When you have all your plans set, the next challenge will be, where and how to start without going over the budget? This is where we come in, Global Office Works has talented Digital Marketing experts and highly skilled virtual assistants who can give you a hand to grow your business. They have countlessly exceeded client expectations and pull startup businesses from their boxes. They can do both the marketing and administrative work for you that is cost-effective and profitable at the same time.


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