Blogging is not a thing of the past…

And it won’t be for the next ten years either. Instead of claiming it to be obsolete, one could say that blogging today is extremely different compared to how it was before. As time changes, bloggers have to adapt and be more creative if they want to achieve consistent and commendable results with their content.

When blogging first emerged years ago as a mainstream digital tactic used by corporations, strategic-minded marketers immediately caught on to the profit-yielding blogs initiated by companies. 

Blogging made marketers ecstatic as it proved to be a powerful way to optimize search engines and impact the already interested audience. Blogging also became an effective way to exchange expert opinions and allowed companies to show their customers that they knew what they were talking about. And that has remained the same until today.

Blogging is relevant, we just call it differently now…

Naysayers would say blogging is too outdated and will soon be irrelevant. That is partially correct. The word blogging itself is no longer catchy since we hear it every day. However, the purpose of blogging and how it works is still the same. It is only the term blogging that makes it a thing of the past. 

Today, the term Content Marketing is rising. It is by definition a marketing method that involves the creation, sharing, and promotion of any online material while stimulating interest in its products or service – which is what blogging is.

People read blogs, believe it or not…

We still read blogs; we are just unaware that what we are reading is a blog. When you search for the definition of something, or if you search for other resources for your projects, studies, meeting, or just out of pure curiosity, the content results you see are blogs. Even the captions of long social media posts and school essays you see and write are all considered blogs. And if you have not realized it yet, what you are reading right now is also a blog. 

Yes, Blogging is still successful in marketing…

Blogging is still a successful method in marketing, but it alone is no longer enough. You need to attach business models with your blog to profit from them. Posting a 500-word count blog will no longer grab your audience’s attention, but long content with a video explanation, pictures, or an infographic will stop people from scrolling down.  

Nevertheless, blogging will remain vital to build a company’s brand and increase its social presence. Content creation is what makes a business relevant, it adds warmth and humanity to your business that attracts people to engage in.

But blogging is not as easy as it sounds. Even though any one can create one, it still takes a passionate individual who is skilled in persuading others through written words to achieve profitable blog content. Not only that, creating it takes an algorithm – ensuring the proper grammar, punctuations, relevance, legit sources, and sentence structure.  

As a business owner, you need to center your attention on running the business. Entrust your blogs to a professional content writer. And we got the professionals you seek; at Global OfficeWorks, our content writers are managed and trained by our company’s CEO, himself, to assure effective and satisfactory content. 

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