Inside Sales Agents

Our Inside Sales Associates (ISA) convert your leads into prospects so you and the rest of your team can focus on your business! There is a combination of effective techniques, the primary one being to call the lead as soon as possible after the lead comes in.


What is Inside Sales?

Simple: Inside sales is remote sales. Outside sales or traditional field sales is done face-to-face. The traditional face-to-face sales model where salespeople went to the client’s location of business to engage in the sales process. Inside sales is not telemarketing. Telemarketing is a scripted, single-call-close. Inside sales nurtures and develops the relationship with the lead, turning them into a hot prospect.


Inside sales is extremely effective at creating revenue for small and mid-size businesses over the phone by nurturing relationships with your prospect.


Inside sales requires multiple calls or “touches” to create a sales close. Inside sales is very effective for real estate companies who use an ISA to set an appointment with a Buyer or Seller for the agent to physically meet with them.


Inside sales is professional sales, done remotely or virtually. An ISA is not a telemarketer who calls at dinner time and won’t hang up until you have said “no” many times.


Research shows only 27% of web-based leads ever get contacted by a sales rep. What an opportunity to capture at least 73% of your competitors business! Why even have a website if you are not going to follow up with the leads it generates?


The biggest challenge of Inside Sales Associates is ‘Finding Good Leads.’ It’s All About The Leads. Oh, and calling people back… quickly and persistently.



At Global Office Works, our customer service oriented ISA’s are experienced with the following campaigns:



The ISA calls from the Clients leads portal. These prospects can either be newly registered to the company’s real estate website, emailed a response to an inquiry on a home they are interested in or just browsing a few homes that are listed in the market. It is important that the ISA keeps track of these activities in order to catch hot prospects as they come. “Strike while the iron is hot.”


Our ISA then builds rapport and asks relevant questions such as location, number of bed/baths, price, projected moving-in date and other information pertaining to the home of their interest. Once all the questions are answered, all this information is recorded in the portal and the ISA can then set up an email drip campaign. The email drip gradually sends them homes that are currently in the market. Notes are also included for reference and call tracking purposes.



Using an ISA for just 4 hours per day has shown to capture 2-3 expired listings per month. 40% of expired listings relist with a different agent within the first few days. We recommend that you subscribe to an automated subscription service which automatically provides the name, address and phone number of the property owners. On a daily basis these companies turn expired MLS listings into expired leads. It takes a lot of time to manually research the contact information for each expired listing. It is more cost effective to purchase the homeowner phone numbers and mailing address.


Loan Refinancing

Our ISA call homeowners and past customers of our Mortgage Broker clients to ask their current interest rate and offer them a free consultation to evaluate how much money they can save by refinancing.


Follow Up

If necessary, follow up calls are made by the ISA to build the relationship thus increasing the chances of making an appointment. Follow up calls are made to hot prospects until a firm appointment schedule is made. These appointments can either be through phone or in person appointments.



Global OfficeWorks provides you with successfully tested scripts for Buyer Leads, Seller Leads, Lender Leads, FSBO’s, Expired’s, Open House Invitations and many more. We work with you to customize them to suit your personal approach and business model.



In addition to tracking each prospect in your CRM, End of Shift Reports (EOSR) are performed by the ISA after shift. A Google spreadsheet may also be prepared showing the number of dialed numbers, voicemails, connected calls and appointments set.