It is never easy to find the ideal staff to work for you; thus, knowing who to recruit is vital in growing your company.


A business owner’s dilemma is to decide whether to hire in-house staff or to have a virtual assistant instead. Nevertheless, one of the things that need utmost consideration is to understand the nature of the business.

If you are starting an online store or a small firm that requires several remote employees, you will most certainly need a Virtual Assistant. If, on the other hand, you intend to open a convenience store, restaurant, or shopping center, you will undoubtedly require In-House Employees to perform the physical labor.

We can debate which is superior in terms of efficiency and effectiveness for a long time. You can use one of the two sorts of staff, but make sure you hire the correct people. Above all, you will need people who are conscientious and enthusiastic about their work. They play a significant role in the survival of your company.

Let us help you compare the advantages and disadvantages of working with a virtual assistant or in-house personnel to see which is the better and more convenient option.


 In-House Employees



Employees are required to labor daily for around 40 hours each week. To meet the demands of your firm, you will have to incur additional costs (e.g. office space, fax machine, computer, etc.,).
Employees perform better when they are respected and recognized for their achievements through face-to-face contact and review. You’ll need to provide more rewards to foster a healthy work atmosphere (i.e. paid vacation leave, sick leave, 13-month pay). However, this will cost you extra money.
Heated tensions will be addressed right away, promoting teamwork. Employees may be required to work longer hours.
Promotes a pleasant working environment.

Virtual Assistants



Costs are lower, and there are fewer overheads. Employees may not receive all of the advantages and incentives they are entitled to get. As a result, they will feel as if they are not invested in the company.
Ensures that various jobs are completed on time and at a high standard. The inevitable occurrence of diversions.
A virtual assistant can work from any location and at any time. While working, you and your assistant can dress on your own accord. A virtual assistant may or may not work for another company, and may or may not provide quality service.
Time management abilities are put into practice. Employees are responsible for paying their expenses (e.g. electricity and internet bills).

Nevertheless, employees, whether they work offline or online, have benefits and drawbacks.

An employer may choose to recruit In-House staff because he feels it is preferable to be able to connect directly with coworkers, develop fresh ideas, and avoid bad outputs. Similarly, a company may choose to recruit Virtual Assistants since they are efficient and versatile in their work. If you want to know more about what a Virtual Assistant can do for your business, book a no-obligation call with Global OfficeWorks as we have office-based Virtual Assistants for you!

Which do you think will work best for you as a business owner? Leave your views in the comments section below. We would be delighted to hear from you!

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