Digital Marketing has always been about how to reach, engage, and sell to a certain group of audience. But, what has changed in 2021? With business owners and consumers transitioning to the online world, a lot has changed. The traditional way of marketing is obsolete as the government is prohibiting face-to-face occasions, and this alone is a transformation in the world of marketing.

But the real question now is, where to find the audience?

In the older times, automobiles, or as we call them now, cars, greatly improved marketing back then. One of the best places to find your potential clients then was through parking spaces, by inserting flyers on the windshields of their automobiles. Not only that, with the number of vehicle owners growing daily, all eyes were focused on the horizon as they drove along the streets, thus becoming the booming age for billboards.

However, cars are now dusty in people’s garages. Your audience resides on the internet. But what stresses business owners is that statistics show that around 1.86 billion websites on the internet as reported by Data Reportal in 2021 and your audience is randomly hopping around on one of those sites. Among the billion sites, where can you find your clients?

Thinking about it, it is a market challenge – that is, if you do not know how to make use of digital marketing. Over 80 percent of Americans alone go online every single day. As published by Pew Research Center, there is a chance that you, the business owner, are one of the 32% of those who are constantly online.

As you already know, Digital Marketing is any form of marketing and strategizing that exists online. Statistics have presented the numbers and the facts of the availability of your audience. The next move is on you, what do you need to do to reach them and convince them to spend their money on you?

Be what people are interested in

Nowadays, if you keep looking for something your potential client is interested in, you will never see any results. Humans, by nature, are confused. They might like a shirt now and eventually change their mind in five minutes. Your clients do not know what they want; it is always a generic thing. If they tell you they want cake, and you give them three different flavors of cake, you would not get an answer because they are only craving the idea of eating a cake.

Instead of wasting time, effort, and revenue in finding it, build your business as something they will be interested in paying. People might not need you or your products at the moment, but their friends might be. Every engagement matters, don’t waste a single one. You are not capable of going through a billion websites; the least you can do is meet your leads halfway by outsourcing, optimizing, and creating content to increase your presence online. 

Predict what your audience will type

It will be a struggle for business owners to know which ones are relevant to their business with so much content on the internet. So, how can we filter our business from all the other content on the internet? It may sound simple, but it is complex to do, and that is to think ahead of what your clients and potential leads will type on the internet. If you are offering virtual assistant services, you need to optimize your platforms in a way that if a person types in the word virtual or assistant, it is you whom they will find. Or publish contents that would often answer the consumer’s questions about the service and product; so that once they look it up, they will find the answers from you.

Business owners need to be one step ahead of their clients. Digital Marketing is the art of connecting in a way that matters to your clients.

Google only loves you when you are relevant

Before you go on reading, go to your computer or your phone’s browser and search for your name – not your company’s name but your name.

Did you get any results like your social media, website, or other platforms? Are you on the top result? If not, are you at least on the first page? If your answer for these is all yes, then you and your business are sought – since you are your branding. 

However, if your answer is no in even one of those questions, you might need to regroup and strategize your online marketing. What have you been doing all this time? Keep in mind that if your name is not searchable in Google, you are not doing well enough for people to need you. No matter how genuine you are to provide your service and how great you are with what you do, if they can’t find you, then it would be pointless.

When you are relevant, only then will you be met halfway by your clients. We know it is hard. That is why we will become the bridge for you and your clients to have a clear path to meet. In Global Office Works, we have highly trained and skillful virtual Digital Marketing Assistants who can lift your brand in Google’s top search results. Disregard a billion websites; we can optimize your content and platforms for your audience to find you even without typing down your name in search boxes.

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