Eight hours of work for your Virtual Assistant is not too much. And depending on your business, it might not even be enough. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a super man or a super woman. But with the right Virtual Assistant, you can have your own super team.

 If you’re practically running your own company alone, think about these questions:

Are you 100% that ALL your tasks can’t be delegated? Really?

Do you spend the weekends working because of some administrative tasks that you were not able to do during the week because you were swamped with things to do?

Did you ever miss an appointment because you could not keep track of all your scheduled appointments?

Are you tired of missing calls and calling them back one by one?

Lost with your bookkeeping?

Need to call delinquent clients but can’t find the time?

Do you need someone to update your website contents or write for you?

The list above can go on and on. My point is you can have someone else do those tasks for you.

What do you need to do?

Hire a Virtual Assistant who can market your products/services, answer sales calls, and make sales calls.

Yes, you can hire one.

Your Virtual Assistant will handle your social media marketing, product/service postings, generate leads, and basically earn you more money! If you suck at sales, it doesn’t mean your Virtual Assistant would also suck at it. Of course you hire a Virtual Assistant with excellent sales skills!

Hire a Virtual Assistant to do things that you have no clue on how to do. You won’t even call yourself a Photoshop newbie because you have never (ever!) used the software but you need someone to edit your pictures for your website (that you also don’t know how to make)—that’s why you hire a Virtual Assistant who knows all those stuff.

But first you must have the patience to write down all the tasks that you don’t like doing (or have no idea how to do) and can be delegated. You will be surprised with your own list.

And now that you have your list, make sure that when you’re still looking for your Virtual Assistant, you don’t settle for someone who just ‘knows how to use excel, etc, etc, etc’. Settle for someone who not only has office skills, but most importantly someone who has initiative. And on top of that—common sense (turns out it ain’t that common anymore).

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