We’ve all been there.

Many times in our lives, things didn’t go as planned. And while most of us remained optimistic, we still couldn’t help but feel the bad bite of disappointment. We feel bad because we let ourselves, and others, down. It becomes more devastating when these disappointments come after one another, leading to one tangled web of despair and hopelessness.

So how do we bounce back from these disappointments?

Let’s take a cue from Les Brown:

“Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead.”

Set your own standards for success.

Too often we fall into the trap of defining our success by comparing it with others. Yes, we may take inspiration from people we admire who achieved great things, but we must also remember our own goals and abilities. These goals are more important than others because they are our own. If you must compete, compete with yourself.

Do not bury yourself in regret.

Like comparing yourself with others, you may dwell too much on your disappointments. You keep analysing and asking yourself where you went wrong over and over again that you begin to miss opportunities. Learn from the experience, move on, and accept the next challenge that comes your way.

Treat it as an opportunity.

Our perceived failures may not be failures at all but opportunities in disguise. You may not come out as the “winner” in something you have worked hard for but you do not go away from it without new knowledge or insights and skills. Use what you’ve learned to create your own success.

Keep your head up.

What you do after a disappointing experience or failure determines your character. Just because you failed once, twice, or thrice doesn’t mean you should stop taking risks altogether. You won’t stop experiencing disappointments just because you hide from challenges. In fact, you may find yourself filled with regrets later in life if you do this.

Find the heart to forgive.

Whether it’s your fault or another’s, self-loathing, denial, and bitterness will do you no good. You’ll only end up feeling worse than you already do. Take it easy and remember that no one is perfect. Forgive yourself and others and you will feel lighter and able to take on another challenge.

In business, disappointments can come in many forms. From a decrease in profits and contracts that don’t push through to outright bankruptcy, yet we can still see a lot of people succeed and achieve their dreams after so many failed attempts.

It’s easy to give up. But if we all did that, then the world’s greatest companies, inventions, and innovations would not have existed. So bounce back and stay positive.

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