1. The most important task you can assign to your VA is one that is essential to increase your productivity and make you more money. We call this an “Essential Task.” The number one error made when utilizing VAs is not giving them essential tasks! How can your VA help you make more money if you only give them non-income producing tasks, many of which may not need to be done anyway?
  2. Get CLEAR on the tasks you are delegating. Provide detailed steps that define how you want each task completed. A flow chart is often helpful.
  3. Measure Results. Always give positive feedback, prior to addressing areas in need of improvement.
  4. Have your VA filter your email. Here’s How:
    • You have to teach your VA how they will recognize an email which only you can deal with. What are the triggers? The sender? The Content?
    • How do they identify an email which needs your urgent personal attention?
  5. Use templates whenever applicable.
  6. Remember that what motivates your Filipino VA more than anything else is being appreciated and valued.
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