Providing and Managing Office Based Fully Managed Virtual Assistants since 2012

Virtual Assistants at Global Office Works specialize in serving SME’s who need support with back-office administration support, marketing, and customer care. Our virtual assistant (VA) services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. American and Australian owned and operated, we deliver an exceptionally high quality of service designed to meet western business standards.



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Why choose us

We Provide, Support, Train and Manage your Virtual Assistant in our office! Our level of support for your VA is unrivaled in the marketplace. We not only help you drastically reduce your employment costs, but our knowledge, systems and support of your VA is not something you can replicate in house.

Your Virtual Assistant is not alone. Our support includes an experienced trainer, team leader, and manager. But best of all; help is available from all the other VA’s your assistant shares the office with. Whenever there is a new task your VA doesn’t know, they can reach out to others in the office for help! This work environment creates great synergy and enables your assistant to get help from others.

Our staff are all legally employed, supported, and managed by us, but they work for you. We ensure the productivity of your VA allowing you to work on your business, not work in your business.

Global OfficeWorks is an international company with offices in the USA, Australia, and our operations center in the Philippines.

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Meets Western Business Standards

Company Structure


CEO and Management Staff

With over 35 years of the business ownership experience, it is Rodney’s mission to enable small and medium-sized businesses to be able to compete in today’s very competitive marketplace.

His vision and passion are to increase the quality of life of both our clients and employees by enabling our employees to enjoy a challenging and rewarding career by helping our clients gain more personal time and increase their income.

Residing in the Philippines for over 10 years has brought Rodney a wealth of cultural knowledge which he is happy to share with you to enhance the working relationship with your VA’s.

Interview with the President

Meet the Leadership Team

A dynamic OPS manager. With more than 12 years of leadership experience in the BPO industry. Demonstrated ability to coach and develop action plans which maximize performance and provide effective direction to mentor a team of employees.

Has the ability to organize and prioritize projects in a fast-paced and deadline-oriented business environment.

Experienced Instructor with a demonstrated history of working in the Luxury retail and outsourcing/ offshoring industry.

Skilled in Module Design, Technical Training, Employee Training, Employee Learning & Development, Research and Development, and Training & Development.

A Human Resource and HRIS specialist, with over 8 years of policy and process implementation, as well as organizational and leadership skills experience. A devoted father and a loving husband. A business graduate with marketing and product outsourcing expertise. With experience in creating, planning, and organizing engagement activities. A friendly and a people person.

A team player with a psychology background and with almost 6 years of experience in organizational leadership and training. Kyla’s skillful blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights ensures that training initiatives are not only informative but also engaging and transformative.

She has a genuine passion for fostering growth and safe space in the workplace.