Free Guide to Working a Virtual Assistant

Global OfficeWorks offers a team model design that structures your Virtual Assistants to excellently accomplish administrative and marketing functions such as appointment setting, database management, digital marketing and many more!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

In general, a Virtual Assistant is a professional who executes administrative duties to business owners worldwide. They possess different skill sets and abilities. Whatever your niche is, a Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business.


General Administrative Assistants

A Virtual General Administrative Assistant is a professional who provides administrative services to clients through online sites and systems. Services would include data entry, transcription, online research, technical support, calendar management, and email management.

Digital Marketing Specialist

A Digital Marketing Specialist is responsible for designing strategies regarding how to create meaningful audience interactions, develop and implement marketing campaigns, and provide content for the organization’s website. Their main objective is to entice visitors and customers to start filling out forms, blowing up your phone, and subscribing to newsletters that work together to achieve conversions and profit.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant is a highly-skilled professional who is in charge of making the Realtors’ life easier by taking care of the administrative, marketing and transactional tasks enabling the agents to spend more time with Buyers, Sellers, Tenants and Landlords. 


There are many benefits that you can enjoy working with a Virtual Assistant. One can ensure that multiple tasks will be done on time without compromising its quality. Occupying a physical office space can be expensive. No worries!

Global OfficeWorks houses your Virtual Assistant(s) in one area making it easy for you to lead and monitor them.

Virtual Assistants can help you generate more income as working with them requires fewer overheads, hence, the lower cost.

Working with a Freelancer Virtual Assistant can be risky. Your employees may not receive full benefits and incentives, thus, making them feel not fully invested in your business. Additionally, a virtual assistant can and/or may work with another employer, which will impact them to deliver quality outputs. Most importantly, freelancer VA’s are notorious for disappearing, often jumping on a higher paid gig.

At Global OfficeWorks, we have identified the steps regarding how you can effectively work with a Virtual Assistant. We aim to help businesses grow and increase their value. Read the basic steps below to learn more about how to work with a Virtual Assistant!

How to  Hire a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is an important part to ensure success. It is not just looking for the right talent to run a business project over a short period, rather it is more like hiring a team member whom you can comprehensively and collectively work with.

How to  choose the Tasks and Process to Outsource


Determine the kind of VA your business needs

Determining the kind of VA for your business is a crucial step for most business owners as every Virtual Assistant has a different skill set that will be integrated into their day to day operations. To begin, write down a list of things your business needs. After a week or two, review the list and decide which tasks can you build a system around and outsource.

Document your systems and store them online

Save time and effort by creating a video of yourself doing the tasks you intend to delegate to your Virtual Assistant. Teach the task, not the person. This way you only have to train once. You can build systems with your Virtual Assistant as you go on with your business.

How long should the onboarding and training process take?

The better the systems, the quicker your team will be up and running. It may take a while for your Virtual Assistant to absorb all the knowledge but will eventually speed up with the majority of your needs in a few days or weeks.

Virtual Assistants Made Easy

Why Hire a Virtual Assistants from GLOBAL OFFICEWORKS

We provide you Virtual Assistants and/or Digital Marketing Specialists who are fluent English speakers with excellent writing and grammar skills. They will be working from our managed office facility with supervision and access to comprehensive training and support. Our team of professionals will work directly for you, using our office equipment, phone, computer, high-speed internet, and a local phone number. You need only supply the license for any industry-specific software your business requires.

Furthermore, finding the right candidate to work for you is essential in making your business grow and prosper. It is important to invest your resources well and make sure that you comprehensively work with your Virtual Assistant to come up with effective business solutions. After all, superstars are not found. Superstars are made.


Shani Taylor | CEO, Open to Grace

Jayson has been and is an asset to my business. His calming nature and ‘can-do’ attitude is outstanding and makes his easy to work with. He has exceptional technical abilities, is easy to communicate with as he is able to interpret my brief instructions and move forward clearly and he makes me feel secure in knowing I can trust him.

Renè Steyn | CEO/ Owner, Emu Bay Holiday Homes

The GLOW Team has really changed my life. As I always say – nothing Virtual about Champ and Ariane. Like to think more of them as my Remote Team than a Virtual Assistant. They have both helped me achieve things this year that I would not have been able to do without them. Would not have been able to get an entry in for the Tourism Awards if it wasn’t for both of them.

Libby Salmon | CEO, Bio Circuitry and Vitality Bites

Champ is so experienced and seems to get work done as if by magic! Thank you Champ in particular for getting my website under control and helping me with some other bits that have come up in the course of our time working together.

Bianca Anderson | CEO, Harmony through Hypnotherapy

I am very impressed with Champ’s creativity. He has done a stellar job. He is also very easy to work with, and most efficient. I look forward to working him again in the future.

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide.


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