What is a Virtual Assistant?

In general, a Virtual Assistant is a professional who executes administrative duties to business owners worldwide. They possess different skill sets and abilities. Whatever your niche is, a Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business. Global OfficeWorks offers a team model design that structures your Virtual Assistants to excellently accomplish administrative and marketing functions such as appointment setting, database management, digital marketing and many more!

Types of Virtual Assistants

General Administrative Assistant

A Virtual General Administrative Assistant is a professional who provides administrative services to clients through online sites and systems. Services would include data entry, transcription, online research, technical support, calendar management, and email management. 

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant is a highly-skilled professional who is in charge of making the Realtors’ life easier by taking care of the administrative, marketing and transactional tasks enabling the agents to spend more time with Buyers, Sellers, Tenants and Landlords. 

Real Estate businesses are now starting to operate virtually and one sole reason for this is convenience. With a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, you can count on them to execute responsibilities like scheduling/booking an appointment, preparing and tracking sales contracts, and answering phone calls.

Digital Marketing Specialist (Virtual Assistant)

A Digital Marketing Specialist is responsible for designing strategies regarding how to create meaningful audience interactions, develop and implement marketing campaigns, and provide content for the organization’s website. Their main objective is to entice visitors and customers to start filling out forms, blowing up your phone, and subscribing to newsletters that work together to achieve conversions and profit.

Blogging and content management, as two of their strengths, are essential in exceptionally promoting businesses and introducing them to a whole new level of marketing. They invade the web with the current trends, educational and/or business updates. Blogging is even hailed as a chart-topping career in the digital world.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

There are many benefits that you can enjoy working with a Virtual Assistant. One can ensure that multiple tasks will be done on time without compromising its quality. Occupying a physical office space can be expensive. No worries! Global OfficeWorks houses your Virtual Assistant(s) in one area making it easy for you to lead and monitor them. 

Virtual Assistants can help you generate more income as working with them requires fewer overheads, hence, the lower cost

Working with a Freelancer Virtual Assistant can be risky. Your employees may not receive full benefits and incentives, thus, making them feel not fully invested in your business. Additionally, a virtual assistant can and/or may work with another employer, which will impact them to deliver quality outputs. Most importantly, freelancer VA’s are notorious for disappearing, often jumping on a higher paid gig.

At Global OfficeWorks, we have identified the steps regarding how you can effectively work with a Virtual Assistant. We aim to help businesses grow and increase their value. Read the basic steps below to learn more about how to work with a Virtual Assistant!

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is an important part to ensure success. It is not just looking for the right talent to run a business project over a short period, rather…. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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