Escape Tiring Gruntwork–Special Australian Offer

Australia Administrative Assistant - Real Estate Property Financial Management

Is it worth AUS$10.68 an hour to you for an experienced Administrative Assistant so you can escape the tiring gruntwork?

Get free from the daily grind and save 15% on your first month of service today!

Focus on what makes money and grows your business–forward daily chores to your Administrative Assistant so you can breathe easy again!

Global Office Works provides office-based Administrative Assistants who are experienced and familiar with your business needs.

Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • Professional and friendly communication with your clients so you can spend more of your time on revenue-generating activity.
  • Transaction management so your clients get the service they require and you look good and grow your business.
  • Personal marketing and organization so that your referrals and customers get follow up communication and requests fulfilled.
  • Administrative Assistance and support based on your specific needs–it’s as if you hired an experienced employee in your office without the payroll costs.

Global OfficeWorks has provided experienced Real Estate and Finance Industry Administrative Assistants to US and Australian clients since 2012–we would like to expand in Australia so we are only looking for a few good clients.

Help Global OfficeWorks grow our Australian client list and receive 15% off your first month’s service and get first-rate support from our team of Administrative Assistants right away.

If you’re interested-but-still-not-decided, that’s okay too– join our informational Australian mailing list so that you’ll know more about what to ask “the other” providers–we’re that confident you’ll go with GLOW as your administrative support provider.

Global OfficeWorks provides month-to-month service so you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice–there’s no subscription or big contract to worry about.

Australian full-time support (40 hours per week) is only AUS$1,795 per month or AUS$10.68 per hour–don’t forget 15% discount for the first month.

Need a part-time or individual case plan?

Global OfficeWorks provides one part-time assistant (20 hours per week) for only AUS$1,050 per month.

Subscribe to GLOW Australian mailing list to learn more–we’re confident that you will go with GLOW!

Call for details @ 01161-24-040-9841


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Start your 30 day free trial! Call (970) 722-6300 or Email: info@globalofficeworks.com

Start your 30 day free trial! Call (970) 722-6300 or Email: info@globalofficeworks.com