Our team of Customer Service Representatives (CSR) helps to provide solutions for customers’ questions and complaints.They are equipped with all the knowledge on how to process orders, requests, and modifications through multiple communication channels. Our versatile CSR team can also ace sales through phone and email.

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What can your Customer Service Representative do for you?

Customer service is key to having a smooth and enjoyable experience for both customer and service representatives. It is a special support provided for the consumer to maintain buyer satisfaction and to encourage repeat business. In this day and age, customer service goes beyond the traditional telephone support. It is now widely available via web, email, SMS message and social media.  

To us, Customer support is more than just providing solutions; it plays a vital role in fulfilling the promise your business makes to your consumers. Here at Global Office Works, we have skilled people behind the scenes to do just that. 

Our Customer Service Representatives understand their responsibilities and are quick on their feet. Here are some of the skills they possess:

Communication Skills

We take pride in our CSRs ability to maintain a pleasant and sympathetic attitude while interacting with customers. They have excellent listening skills to comprehend client or customer needs and likewise are persistent to effectively handle conversations regardless of the customer’s skill level.

Capacity to respect deadlines

Being one of the frontliners in the company, our customer service reps understand the value of honoring and meeting your deadlines. If they see that a particular ticket is off their scope, they make sure to follow standard procedures and escalate it to the appropriate department.

Ability to multitask

We all know that customer assistance is one of the most riotous departments within an organization. Here at Global Office Works, our service reps have the ability to perform multiple tasks flawlessly between assignments- seeing to it that they manage their time and energy to deliver optimum results.

Proactive strategy to support

After an issue is settled, our service reps do not stop talking to customers. They also practice taking the liberty to proactively engage with customers with regards to product performance and possibly get the feedback they’d like to share.

Competent specialized knowledge

Our support agents understand their responsibilities as customer service reps and one of the most important is being able to understand your product. They are also equipped with knowledge on the latest technologies geared to effectively provide outstanding customer support. With both skills present in our service reps, they are sure to solve complex customer issues and also be able to assist new team members adjust to your businesses support routines immediately.

Detail oriented

Our service reps handle customer issues in an orderly and detail-oriented manner. They make sure to test every solution they come up with prior to proposing it to customers, and guarantee that there are no lapses in communication and execution. 

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