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Enjoy a stable career, personal and professional growth, training, and an enticing salary package with benefits and bonuses.

Join a company with a great culture, regular social events. and a relaxed but highly productive work environment.


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Since 2012, we have been providing managed, office-based Virtual Assistants to SME’s around the world We strive to maintain a great company culture based on enriching the lives of our employees by creating a pleasurable work environment with quality output to our clients. We provide fully supported training enabling our employees to increase their skill levels at any time. We enjoy regular social events and retreats We provide a competitive salary plus a vast range of bonus programs As a small but expanding company, we offer tremendous professional growth opportunities to all our employees We have fun!

About Our Founder

Rodney Allen is a duel Australian/American citizen who has lived in the Philippines since 2010. His primary vision is to: Enable my employees to grow professionally in a fun and loving workplace and earn a high salary which allows them to live the lifestyle they want, and not have to seek employment outside the country, or Dumaguete. To inspire each and every employee to grow personally and professionally to reach goals they may not have previously thought possible Help clients achieve their desired lifestyle and business goals. To contribute to 

 changing our clients life. To grow the GLOW scholarship program (or other charitable cause we support) into something big which impacts hundreds of beneficiaries, breaking the cycle of poverty for them, helping them improve their lives and those of future generations.


I've been with the Big guys out there. I've been previously in operations and admin posts but the motivation and empowerment. I had with GLOW are more than usual. It humbled me. Glow kept me learning when what and how I can.

Rod Emia | Director in Business Development

Working at Global OfficeWorks has allowed me to grow and develop within the organization. As a VA centric company, I'm glad to be part of a team that helps shape a new generation of heroes.

Genesis Galdo | IT Specialist

My experience with Global Office Works is a life-changing! GLOW taught me how Real Estate works, I've been exposed to making calls with different leads and clients all of which gave me the necessary skills and experience that I will carry the rest of my life.

Ramon Adonis Catacutan | Inside Sales Agent

Global Officeworks is a great place to work for, and everyone I worked with was amazing. Being a Real Estate Virtual Assistant is a life-changing opportunity.

Rodfel Mae Alampay | Real Estate Virtual Assitant

What I love most about working in Global OfficeWorks is the learning, to be honest. I was re-profiled twice, undergone a couple of trainings, been a backup for atleast 3 clients. All that in 4 months! I'd say I am catching up pretty fast and I'm so grateful for this job for teaching me how to.

Carlo Amadeus Vergara | Real Estate Virtual Assitants

I've been with GLOW for quite a while, and it changed me a lot. Being an Admin Assistant GLOW taught me lots of skills especially in Real estate. I learned to be organized, cautious and patient in everything I do. An experience and knowledge I will never have.

Ariane Parao | Real Estate Virtual Assistant

GLOW is a great company to work for. They treated you with respect and have decent benefits. I learned a lot in mortgage and real estate because of GLOW. I am forever thankful for the opportunity they have given me.

 Monna Mae Aguilar| Inside Sales Agent

Global Office Works knows I can. I've been plugged in to various accounts -- customer service, B2B and even VA jobs. Perhaps, I never imagined myself being a virtual assistant, thanks to the management for considering me to do such. I didn't know I could do well in the field. GLOW is the best.

Sheila Mae Ege| General Virtual Assistant

I never thought I would land to being a Digital Marketing Specialist in my life. My proficiency essentially revolved in Psychology as it was my course back in college. However, things have changed. My tenure at Global OfficeWorks taught me a lot of things and somehow altered my perception of work-life balance. I became more passionate and effective as a person. And, for that, I am forever thankful to Global OfficeWorks for this enriching opportunity.

Geoffrey Alama | Digital Marketing Specialist



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We promote our GLOW family to Work Hard and efficiently and to play harder.

Here are some experiences you can expect when you Join our team:


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