Finally, a Virtual Assistant company that understands our employees and provides an enjoyable and fun working environment.

Enjoy a stable career, personal and professional growth, training, and an enticing salary package with benefits and bonuses.
Join a company with great culture, regular social events, and a relaxed but highly productive work environment.


Are you?

  • A Team Player
  • Hard Working
  • Computer Savy
  • Customer focused
  • Fun loving
  • Reliable
  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Friendly & Caring in nature
  • A good communicator



  • Service-oriented
  • A Team Player
  • Hard Working
  • Computer Savy
  • Customer focused
  • Fun loving
  • Reliable
  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Friendly & Caring in nature
  • A good communicator

Do you?

Enjoy Life?

Love social activities with your workmates?

Love learning how to implement new technology?

Have a positive attitude?

If this is you, then we would love to have you join our team.

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          About Our Company

          Since 2012, we have been providing managed, office-based Virtual Assistants to SME’s around the world We strive to maintain a great company culture based on enriching the lives of our employees by creating a pleasurable work environment with quality output to our clients. We provide fully supported training enabling our employees to increase their skill levels at any time. We enjoy regular social events and retreats We provide a competitive salary plus a vast range of bonus programs As a small but expanding company, we offer tremendous professional growth opportunities to all our employees We have fun!


          Join GLOW

          • Lots of Fun
          • Work/Life Balance
          • Passionate Leaders who care about you
          • Tech Savvy
          • Ongoing Training and Support

          • Great team who get along with each other
          • Appreciative and Caring
          • High Salary package
          • Great Performance Bonuses
          • Encouragement to build your skills
          • Free Daily Lunch

          • Constant Personal and Professional Development
          • Great Passionate Team
          • No Tyranny Hierarchy
          • Great Culture – no office politics
          • Team means team – Inclusive, Transparent, Supportive


          GLOW has given me a path to learn and be better at what I can do. I have grown beyond what I thought possible and have explored opportunities I never thought possible.

          Steven Canturias | General Virtual Assistant

          Thanks to GLOW, my journey as a Digital Marketing Specialist has been incredible. They believed in me even without prior experience and provided unwavering support. I'm grateful for their guidance and opportunities that have helped me grow and succeed. GLOW has made a significant impact on my career, and I'm thankful to be part of their team.

          Anton Jay Gordoncillo | Digital Marketing Specialist

          It is my big privilege working in GLOW.I have learn a lot of skills and develop my ability to adapt to different task. My GLOW family has been an absolute pleasure to work with because we work as a team.

          Carmela Mamitag | General Virtual Assistant

          GLOW the people behind it has nothing been short of supportive and professional and they've been the catalyst in the pivotal moments of my upstarting career. They've moulded me in the path of growth with lessons that allowed me to bring my own unique skills and knowledge that fit my personality.

          Sebastian Philip Catarata | Digital Marketing Specialist

          The belief system that Global OfficeWorks has shown towards my potential became a beacon of motivation for me to work smarter and do better. I'm glad to be working in an inclusive and supportive environment with peers who are professionals in their works yet kind enough to be mentors. I have learnt a great deal that it has broadened my perspective and improved my skills. Little by little, I've gone farther and grown bigger with GLOW.

          Vence Neil Megio | Digital Marketing Specialist 

          It is a company that offers you diverse professional experience as you are trained in different skills that cater your passion for work. I feel like I am part of something bigger.

          Nutska Toress | Real Estate VA

          Although expressing personal thoughts through writing is my cup of tea, working as a professional content writer never crossed my mind. However, Global OfficeWorks saw something in me that I did not perceive nor think of doing. I am genuinely grateful that GLOW believed in my capabilities and accepted me as a part of their team. On top of everything, my stay here has been blissful, productive, serene and stress-free!

          Melissa Jane Sarino | Content Writer

          Progress and change are two constants we experience and seek in life. I was happy and comfortable with my career choice before landing a position here at Global Office Works. But as time passed, it seemed like something was missing. I wanted to experience more and widen my horizon-- to learn more and give more in return. With that said, Global OfficeWorks has allowed me in my pursuit to hone my innate skills and discover my other potential in the service of others. A career in GLOW is something that would excite you, challenge you, and give you professional fulfillment. Furthermore, the warm familial aura the company exudes makes work much more enjoyable.

          Hannah Desiree Baldelovar | Virtual Assistant

          Whenever someone asks me about what I do, I always start by telling them, "I love my job!". GLOW lets us explore new things, caters to our concerns, and provides us a healthy work environment — something that most people want but are not privileged enough to get.

          Syriyl Mae Mapili | Content Writer

          Fear for a career change is valid if you switch from the profession (engineering) you are comfortable with to a passion (writing) only you think you are good at. I am grateful that Glow has my back. With their support, I can profess that I am qualified to do both at a competitive level.

          Nikki Gitamondoc | Content Writer

          I have been wandering from one job to another, and it has been a challenge to find an employer whose values align with mine, which GLOW has just shown. The career opportunity growth here in GLOW is substantial because they see its importance as vital to their employees. They are such a big help in my personal and professional development as I walk through this journey - life.

          Francis Noel Rumol | Virtual Assistant

          I am so grateful for Global OfficeWorks for believing in my abilities and for giving me the opportunity to work and learn from them. Aside from the benefits, you also get to harness your skills and learn new ones.

          Hazel Cadalin | Virtual Assistant

          As we age, we always want to be in our most comfortable place where we can learn new things everyday and see our future starts to grow, and I believe that I already found that place here in GLOW. GLOW believed in my capabilities and motivated me to become a better version of myself.

          Raya Marie Paulette Divina | Inside Sales Agent / Virtual Assistant

          I value a workplace that is stress-free and people-oriented. And I am very lucky to find it in GLOW.

          Karen Merel Cadavedo | Customer Service Representative

          Global OfficeWorks has given me more opportunity for growth and self-awareness. They believe in the capacity of their people. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here.

          Daisy Jane Elnasin | Virtual Assistant

          Working in GLOW gave me the stability I was looking for. I see a lot of opportunities to nurture my skills and self-growth where I'm especially keen on. The people are friendly, approachable, and open-minded in which I am proud of calling them colleagues, and friends.

          Noreen Bula-ay | Virtual Assistant

          I would say that here in Global OfficeWorks, they hire for the character and train for skill. They provide plenty of opportunities for growth.

          Joezer Quilope | Real Estate Virtual Assistant

          GLOW has been very kind to me. I've learned so much since I've worked here and I've developed skills that I can definitely say I'm proud of.

          Amber Tashiro | Graphic Designer

          Being part of GLOW made me discover and step up the skill sets that I have never even considered I can do. It's the best team to be in since I've always needed guidance and amplification in my tasks and goals. GLOW for me is the perfect mixture of work and fun.

          Kate Aislinn Tanchico | Virtual Assistant

          Global OfficeWorks provides a good platform for career growth where talent and hard work are recognized and appreciated. I look forward to being a part of this organization for a long time to come. I am really grateful to work in a place which makes me grow to greater heights.

          Kris Anthony Nalam | Virtual Assistant

          I love how much I have grown in the short amount of time I've worked with the company. They will let you explore into the unknowns, providing you with the tools you need and believing that you can do it! And I think that's what you need to grow as an employee and as a person.

          Jose Romeo Villegas II | Customer Service/ ISA

          My work experience with Glow is nothing short of Amazing. Yes, I have developed different skills working with renowned companies all through out my career in the BPO industry but it is with GLOW where I was provided an avenue to improve those skills further, improving it to the point where I am confident enough to use those skills to compete in this digital corporate warfare, where skill proficiency is one of the defining factors to success.

          Mark Leogee Larenio | Virtual Assistant

          I've been with the Big guys out there. I've been previously in operations and admin posts but the motivation and empowerment. I had with GLOW are more than usual. It humbled me. Glow kept me learning when what and how I can.

          Rodrigo Emia | Inside Sales Agent

          Working at Global OfficeWorks has allowed me to grow and develop within the organization. As a VA centric company, I'm glad to be part of a team that helps shape a new generation of heroes.

          Genesis Galdo | IT Specialist

          My experience with Global OfficeWorks is a life-changing! GLOW taught me how Real Estate works, I've been exposed to making calls with different leads and clients all of which gave me the necessary skills and experience that I will carry the rest of my life.

          Ramon Adonis Catacutan | Inside Sales Agent

          Global Officeworks is a great place to work for, and everyone I worked with was amazing. Being a Real Estate Virtual Assistant is a life-changing opportunity.

          Rodfel Mae Alampay | Real Estate Virtual Assitant

          Global OfficeWorks may not be the biggest BPO company out there but its reputation is impeccable. I've been part of this family for almost two years now and I've seen how these people put value to what they're doing. I love that everybody is working towards a common goal and that is to make ourselves happy as much as we make our clients happy. It's just too fun here that it makes you feel like you're not working anymore.

          Carlo Amadeus Vergara | Content Writer / Digital Marketing Specialist 

          I've been with GLOW for quite a while, and it changed me a lot. Being an Admin Assistant GLOW taught me lots of skills especially in Real estate. I learned to be organized, cautious and patient in everything I do. An experience and knowledge I will never have.

          Ariane Parao | Digital Marketing Specialist

          GLOW is a great company to work for. They treated you with respect and have decent benefits. I learned a lot in mortgage and real estate because of GLOW. I am forever thankful for the opportunity they have given me.

           Monna Mae Aguilar| Inside Sales Agent

          Global OfficeWorks knows I can. I've been plugged in to various accounts -- customer service, B2B and even VA jobs. Perhaps, I never imagined myself being a virtual assistant, thanks to the management for considering me to do such. I didn't know I could do well in the field. GLOW is the best.

          Sheila Mae Ege| General Virtual Assistant

          I never thought I would land to being a Digital Marketing Specialist in my life. My proficiency essentially revolved in Psychology as it was my course back in college. However, things have changed. My tenure at Global OfficeWorks taught me a lot of things and somehow altered my perception of work-life balance. I became more passionate and effective as a person. And, for that, I am forever thankful to Global OfficeWorks for this enriching opportunity.

          Geoffrey Alama | Digital Marketing Specialist

          I have been working with GLOW for quite a while. What I love about here is that our company is not a typical BPO center, we work and communicate closely to our client to make sure we provide the best. We have our management team who always made sure we have the most reliable tools and resources for each campaign. They are not limited to what you are capable of. They want you to develop your skills and be passionate of it. And for that, I am forever grateful to be part of this company.

          Juuna Agustin | Inside Sales Agent

          Working here in GLOW is the best decision I made in my career. I was able to widen my skills and knowledge. GLOW let me do tasks that I really love to do. I am part of the Digital Marketing Team and everyday is new learning. The Management Team is very helpful and approachable whenever I need help with something related to the tasks that I am doing. I am happy that I'm part of this awesome company.

          Jayson Perucho | Digital Marketing Specialist



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