The world is at your fingertips. Perfect phrase to describe this era and was even broadened when the pandemic happened. Everything you need is within your reach. You need food. You just place an order through an app, if you need groceries there is an online service ready to cater to your needs, if you need plumbers, technicians, and even doctors they are just one tap away, just a tap of your finger on your phone you’ll get what you need. Almost everything is made available virtually, schools, establishments, churches, supermarkets, even weddings are held virtually. You see, billions of people globally spent most of their time in front of their screens, “what is it for me?” I hope you don’t have that question in mind because it is pretty obvious why you should care.

Businesses are swarming the network to get their niche exposed and hopefully wanting to get conversions out of it. According to Social Selling Statics for 2021, Social Media Marketing is an ace to all kinds of niche and way more cost-effective than the traditional way of marketing. Not only cost-effective but it saves up your time and effort. Like I mentioned above everything is within the reach of your fingertips, so is social media marketing.

What made it that effective?

First, you can customize your target market, compared to the traditional way where your options are limited and very costly, in social media marketing alongside its advanced API functionality, you can determine the specifics of your audience like their interest, their demographics, ages, and genders and with that being said you can narrow down your audience which will give you a higher possibility of you getting more traffics and conversions.

Second, You can track it daily. All social media platforms have built-in analytics that will help you identify how your campaign is going. You will see which demographics, ages, and genders have the most engagement and which do not. In this way, you can plan out your next action to leverage your business approach which is something you can’t do with traditional marketing.

Lastly, Social media marketing just doesn’t sell your services or products it creates and retains your relationship with your customers/clients. That is where you can keep in touch and keep them updated. Speaking of which social media marketing and engagement has to be consistent.

These are just 3 of the hundreds of reasons why you should keep up with the latest social media marketing. But can you really keep up with it all by yourself?

I intentionally didn’t include codes, percentages, and analytic figures here because you might have a headache while reading this. To keep up with it, you have to get yourself acquainted with these numbers but if that is too much for you, Global Officeworks will take care of that. We have digital marketing professionals who have helped so many businesses in Australia and the United States

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