Putting together the right digital marketing team takes a lot of planning, research, and structuring. Marketing is no longer as easy as knocking on your neighborhood doors to promote your services. Today, you have to throw your business into the depths of the internet to strive – and trust us, we know, the internet is a vicious invention. It devours startup businesses who want to go digital but have not learned the know-how of using social media platforms and marketing tools.

Thus, having an effective team determines the success and growth of your business. However, recruitment and training; and risking your business to individuals who are still testing the waters is never cost-effective. It is crucial and is harmful to your business – experience, skills, discipline, devotion, and longevity are fundamental traits that need to be considered.

Here are the most significant roles and functions that your Digital Marketing Assistant needs to acquire, for you to materialize your vision of a successful marketing team.

Web Developing

Before you go into the specifics, the first on your list is to establish your platform and your identity. You need someone knowledgeable with coding knowledge and the right software to use, to set up your website, social media platforms, and client prospecting tools. Front and back-end developers are the backbones of your marketing strategy, they materialize your ideas and find a way to run your business efficiently and effectively, without having to exert too much time and effort.

Digital Marketing Managing

Your Digital Marketing Specialist does the brainstorming for you. While you focus on handling your clients, they are the ones who plan out, develop, implement, and manage your marketing campaign, to drive and provide a continuous flow to your social media platforms’ traffic.  Its sole objective is to acquire leads and to ensure an increase in the number of potential clients. They also do the administrative work related to marketing, such as responding to emails, direct messages, concerns, queries, complaints, and escalations. They organize your team’s day-to-day agenda, goals, vision, and objectives.

Graphic Designing

As you transition to online marketing, you will have to work on a variety of activities and products, such as advertising, posters, newsletters, product packaging, infographics, and event creation. To provide creative visual concepts, you will need a graphic designer. They create visual concepts to communicate your business ideas and services that transpire, inform, captivate, and indulge your audience and potential clients through computer software tools or traditional hand art designs. They establish the overall production and layout design for your advertisements, announcements, letters, magazine, brochures, etc.

Content Creation

After creating your visual appearance, you will need content that connects to your prospects. Your content is you and your business’ identity, it is what makes your business competent. Your content creators are the ones who research, organize, analyze, formulate, and write their original content with high consideration of organization, relevance, grammar, punctuations, plagiarism, and sentence structure. Despite successfully shaping your brand, if your content writer does not create content as good as you advertised it to be, your market would not buy or even consider your services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This task is not for one but the entire team. They need to be skillful in Search Engine Optimization, to search everything on the internet, to live in Google Analytics and should be able to master the uses of various SEO tools and consoles. From designing, content writing, and client prospecting, they need to utilize the search engine, to ensure all digital content is optimized for search. 

Let your clients find you and meet them halfway. It is not only you who needs them, your service exists for the sole purpose of making other people’s lives easier. Your SEO specialist takes charge of formulating and updating your engine optimization and keyword strategies; they update relevant headlines, image alt text, and metadata for optimum rankings, and identify existing content that needs further optimization.

Social Media Managing

Social media management is significant for most businesses as nearly everything is presently going virtual. However, social media goes beyond the regular posting updates to your company’s social media platforms. It is more about organizing a brand that is unified and is flexible to do various tasks – content creation, social media marketing, audience engagement, client prospecting, blogging, lead generation, and numerous others. The main objective is to engage with your audience and look for opportunities to increase and maximize your business’ reach and visibility. They develop a detailed guide of social campaigns that provides awareness of services, engagement with prospects, building a social presence, and creating an active flow of social media traffic.

The long list of roles might stress you, however, this is only a glimpse of how complicated digital marketing operation is. One thing that might alarm you is that your logins, passwords, and other sensitive personal information must be shared with your team.

For you and your business’ sake, you need to have someone take the fall if things go down, and take full responsibility for the team.  You cannot have your Digital Marketing Assistant abandon you halfway and take your business’ information and process flow with them.

Thus, you need to be with a team of office-based Digital Marketing Assistants who are bounded and administered by management to ensure confidentiality and work performance are not compromised. But, where can you find one?

This is where WE come in.

Global OfficeWorks has all that you need. We are an office-based fully managed Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistants specializing in serving business owners who need support with back-office administration, marketing, and customer care. Our entire management team is in place to support you in recruiting, managing, and tracking the team’s daily productivity.

When you entrust your marketing plans to us, we will offer you a team of highly skilled digital marketers, who directly deal with difficult situations, work under pressure, and are confident in their skills in designing, managing, content creation, and internet optimization. All this, to improve your metrics from day one. 

We invite you to book a no-obligation call to learn if we might be a good fit for each other.

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