Is blogging still in the trend in this digital age? 

As technology infinitely updates every single day, where new software, new programs, new marketing approaches evolve every single year. 

Did Blogging become outdated? Not at all. It is as relevant as it was before and will be, for the years to come. As everything in technology evolves, so does blogging. It has been integrated into almost all new marketing campaigns, the latest social media platforms and so much more.

What is a blog again?

A blog is an online journal where a writer expresses his or her thoughts and views on a certain subject. People used it back then as an extension of their diary, but now most people use it as a means to share their thoughts and potentially just everything that goes through their minds. It’s becoming a powerful tool now, too powerful that even 7 figure companies and startups use it to get their niche to reach out to their target market, laid bare at their fingertips. 

Before you start making your blog, it is important to know what kind of blog posts you are making and to whom you are writing those blog entries.

What kind of blogger are you? 

According to Brown (2019), there are 5 types of bloggers, namely the Part-time Professional, the Hobbyist, the Full-time Professional, the Corporate, and the Entrepreneur.

The Skilled Part-time uses blogging to complement income

The Hobbyist—mostly personal musings/fun blogs but does not earn an income

The Full-time Professional uses blogging as the key revenue stream

Corporate blogs for a company as part of their full-time or full-time jobs

Blogs for a business they own, The Entrepreneur

When it comes to invading the internet with current trends, educational and/or company updates, these bloggers are the average folks. With a target, they penetrate the site. In addition, it is an inevitable reality that blogging in the digital world is becoming a chart-topping profession. In reality, in her article, Skrba (2018) claimed that “businesses keep customers and customers up-to-date through blogging.

This would mean that a blog post is efficient in creating relationships in the business environment and can therefore potentially produce more earnings. Nevertheless, it is never easy to blog. In persuading others by words, one must be playful or passionate. It is a talent, they claim.

Do you have what it takes to create interesting content to market your company’s goods or services?
Are you planning on monetising your talents and putting them into writing?

Only think well. This occupation may be yours to take part in. Or,  if you want someone to take care of the blogs for you, Global OfficeWorks has talented content authors and graphic designers ready to leverage your niche!

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