Happy Agents


“There is always something new to learn at GLOW, making it a fantastic place to work. Ever since I started, I’ve had the chance to hone my skills and find a role in the company that aligns with my interests and abilities. The culture is transparent; every employee, regardless of their position, is given the opportunity to be heard. Furthermore, I’m fortunate to work with incredibly talented, friendly, and dedicated colleagues who consistently push for excellence. I appreciate the opportunity to reach my full potential in such a positive and encouraging workplace.”


“Global Officeworks is a great place to work for, and everyone I worked with was amazing. Being a Real Estate Virtual Assistant is a life-changing opportunity.”


“Working here in GLOW is the best decision I made in my career. I was able to widen my skills and knowledge. GLOW let me do tasks that I really love to do. I am part of the Digital Marketing Team and everyday is new learning. The Management Team is very helpful and approachable whenever I need help with something related to the tasks that I am doing. I am happy that I’m part of this awesome company.”


“Although expressing personal thoughts through writing is my cup of tea, working as a professional content writer never crossed my mind. However, Global OfficeWorks saw something in me that I did not perceive nor think of doing. I am genuinely grateful that GLOW believed in my capabilities and accepted me as a part of their team. On top of everything, my stay here has been blissful, productive, serene and stress-free!”


“Working as a Virtual Assistant has been nothing short of an adventure? Who knew that being a master of multitasking meant juggling ten different tabs while pretending to be a Zen master on the phone? But despite the occasional chaos, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of saving the day with a perfectly crafted email or spreadsheet. And for that I thank Glow for exposing and developing my skill for this type of Adventure!”


“Working with Global Officeworks for over three years has been a wonderful journey. I’m grateful for the invaluable experiences and knowledge I’ve gained during my time with them. Wishing the entire team and business continued success and prosperity always.”