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Virtual Assistant Services

Established in 2012, Global Office Works specializes in serving the real estate industry and other businesses requiring sales and back office administration support. Our virtual assistant (VA) and Inside Sales Agent services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. American owned and operated, we deliver an exceptionally high quality of service designed to meet American Business Standards.

Why Use Global OfficeWorks?

We Provide, Support, Train and Manage your Virtual Assistant in our office! Our level of support for your VA is unrivaled in the marketplace. We not only help you drastically reduce your employment costs, but our knowledge, systems and support of your VA is not something you can replicate in house.


Your VA is not alone. Our support includes an experienced trainer, team leader, and manager. But best of all; help is available from all the other VA’s your assistant shares the office with. Whenever there is a new task your VA doesn’t know, they can reach out to others in the office for help! This work environment creates great synergy and enables your assistant to get help from others.


Our staff are all legally employed, supported, and managed by us, but they work for you. We ensure the productivity of your VA allowing you to work on your business, not work in your business.


Global OfficeWorks is an international company with offices in the USA, Australia, and our operations center in the Philippines.


To provide, support and manage exceptional, highly skilled Virtual Assistants and Inside Sales Agents, who enable small and medium sized businesses to compete with larger companies by increasing their efficiency, knowledge base and drastically reducing payroll and capital expenditures.


To be the Leading provider of high quality Virtual Assistant services for small and medium size enterprises.


To add more value to our Clients than any other alternative service available in the marketplace..

To deliver Western Business quality of service (QOS) to our clients

To provide and manage the most highly trained, knowledgeable, efficient and productive VA’s in the industry.

To Excel with: Communication, Efficiency, Accountability, Productivity & Results.

To build and maintain long term relationships with our client partners.

To meet the needs of clients which are not being met by the marketplace.

To provide outsourcing solutions to small and medium sized companies which may not be available to them.

To harness a fun, pleasant work environment for our employees

Where the employees are an integral part of the company, contributing to its present success and future growth.

To provide stability to both employees and clients.

To provide constant growth (financially, professionally and philanthropically) to our employees, clients and community.

Rodney Allen

Founder and President

The president and CEO has 25 years experience owning and operating a real estate company. Rodney recognized the need of small and medium sized businesses to be able to compete in today’s very competitive marketplace.

Rodney is able to utilize his skills to provide unparalleled service to our clients.


Rodney has owned and operated companies in both the United States and Australia for several decades. As a dual citizen of both countries, Rodney is well versed in the cultural and business practices required when providing offshore staff to our clients.


As Country Head of Global OfficeWorks, Rodney is physically on site, overseeing our Philippines operations facilities, thus insuring that western business practices are implemented throughout the company.

Management Team

Global OfficeWorks has assembled a talented and energetic management team to make your partnership with us a success.

  • Virtual Executive Assistant - Cathy Damayo

    Cathy Damayo


  • Virtual Assistant Support Services - Joe Ada

    Joe Ada

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Being a Virtual Assistant - Yael Partosa

    Yael Partosa

    Operations Manager