There’s no denying that we live in an age when almost anything can be done online. 

Business owners may get virtual support from all over the globe thanks to high-speed internet. 

Ironically, in today’s corporate world, hiring home-based, freelancing virtual assistants is not advised. Although remote employees are less costly and more efficient, they are not without risk

Global OfficeWorks offers answers for all of the factors why your prior freelancers did not work out. 

But you might be asking what makes us confident that we can provide better service. First off,  we may be offering virtual services, however, our virtual assistants are office-based and are managed by the company. They undergo training and are assisted and supervised by a team of experts.


Thus, we’ve outlined several reasons why we believe you should engage office-based virtual assistants for your company.

PROBLEM: They’re “over there,” while you’re here. It’s simply “too virtual.”

SOLUTION: Your GLOW virtual assistant works in an organized office setting where they have access to management and assistance. We leave you with your “Assistant” and remove the “Virtual.” Your staff will benefit from our training materials and components.

PROBLEM: There is no one to help your freelance virtual assistant. When they require assistance, they have no one to rely on.

SOLUTION: Our training staff as well as other virtual assistants in the office give consistent support to GLOW. We’ve discovered that there’s typically someone who understands how to do it and can assist your team.

PROBLEM: Your virtual assistant comes and goes. They flee just as you start getting them trained. This might be because they’ve found a more lucrative or fascinating project. Or perhaps they were humiliated or outraged by something that occurred at work.

SOLUTION: We offer incentives to our office staff who want to approach their employment as a career and stay with us for a long time. People are less inclined to leave a job that simultaneously serves as a social anchor. With everyone else doing similar jobs, there is a sense of togetherness in the office. Their buddies are also employed here! Your assistant works at a local company in the Philippines and has a very excellent compensation package.

PROBLEM: Your prior freelancing virtual assistants had inadequate internet access and worked in a loud setting. (The chickens, loud neighbors, and crying children were a major source of distraction)

SOLUTION: Our office has multiple internet connections, a standby generator, and is located in a quiet area with soundproof cubicles.

PROBLEM: Your freelance assistant just doesn’t understand your instructions.

SOLUTION: We have procedures in place that require your assistant to clarify each assignment to you before doing it. This guarantees that everyone understands everything. Our workers also have regular face-to-face meetings with our founder, who is a dual American/Australian citizen who now has resided in the Philippines for more than ten years. This allows them to gain a better understanding of western culture and corporate methods.

PROBLEM: I simply cannot find the ‘right’ assistant.

SOLUTION: We have tested multiple recruiting processes. Our recruitment staff will extensively analyze, screen, and interview potential employees before assigning them to you. In order to identify the appropriate team member for you, we generally go through over a hundred interviews and multiple personality tests.

PROBLEM: Your freelance assistant is never honest. You just never know what they are doing.

SOLUTION: Screen sharing, full daily shift reports, project management solutions, local contact information for calling and messaging, Skype, Surveillance, team viewer, and video calls are some of the communication technologies we have in hand.

It may appear that employing an assistant who operates in a controlled office environment is more costly than a traditional freelancer who works from home. However, our rates are still far lower than what you would spend for in-house personnel. When you examine all of the perks and support services we offer your assistant, you’ll see how valuable our service is.

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