Over the years we have witnessed digital marketing blunders across the globe. Startup and long-term businesses that transition their business to online marketing and after a few months, disappear without a single trace.

Where did they go? What happened to them? How is their business? You find the answers by going online but you only get, “No results found”.

No one really knows, not even Google knows. It is worrisome. It is best to know these mistakes and avoid them while you still can. We are all a work in progress, and committing one or two mistakes gives room for us to grow, however, for some, that is not always the case. A single mistake on the internet could end your business and lose your clients – the main source of your income.

Here are the 5 major marketing mistakes that startup businesses commit on a daily basis.

Having Unrealistic Goals 

We can always dream big, but dreaming requires waking up. Creating an unfocused marketing campaign is considered the biggest online marketing mistake an entrepreneur can make. You just lay everything down and expect to have it by the next day.

Goal setting is needed in starting a business, it is how you and your entire team know what’s going on with your campaign. What do you want to impart? Who do you want to inform? Where is your audience? How can your voice reach them? How long will it take? Do you have the money for it?

A campaign that has no focus, won’t have anything at all. You are confused, your people are confused, and even your clients don’t know where you are taking them to. 

Without a realistic goal planned out, you are wasting money, effort, and time – time that you could have used to expand your business. No matter how well you optimize your marketing strategies, without a clear goal, you will never drive your campaign to success. 

Targeting the Wrong Leads

You need to make this right at all costs, it is the bloodline of your business. Targeting your lead is vital, this is where your business grows and profits. 

However, despite understanding your business and who you want to benefit from it, there are still some who tend to target the wrong audience. Your audience is your clients, your potential lead, and potential business parts. But with the eagerness to reach more people, business owners end up connecting to anyone and everyone, and not the people who are actually interested to pay for the product and service. Thus, getting discouraged.

When businesses reach too broadly, it only means that they are not providing relevant content to their target audience. Your audience, when they see random people around your platforms, who are not related to the kind of business they are looking for, no matter how good you are, they still end up looking for a different one.

Thinking Blogging is Obsolete

The word blogging might sound outdated and irrelevant. But, no matter how innovative the internet is, it still is centred around search engine optimization (SEO). Having a feature where images, videos, and sound are used to optimize searches, the internet still mainly optimizes keywords present in written articles. 

When you type in the word ‘digital’, it is not pictures that show up right away but the meaning of it and other related works that have that word.  Blogs are one of the best methods to establish your brand’s identity and social presence, however, many businesses opt not to have one, or they simply abandon it, thinking that it is not working and is not worth their time.

Blogging plays a vital role in building traffic to your site and social media platforms, it also improves your SEO and opens up opportunities to grow your business and engage with potential clients who are interested in the content you have published. 

Neglecting Social Media

Social media increases your brand awareness, drives leads and conversions, saves money spent on traditional marketing, improves customer experience, and builds an avenue to communicate closely with your audience. All these are facts and have been constantly proven with statistical reports.

However, despite knowing that their customers are now living on the internet, a lot of business owners still chose to not be on it. Thus, missing out on a great opportunity to boost the brand’s affinity.

Disregarding Graphic Designs

When it comes to running your business, you desperately want to thrive and do well in today’s digital era. You do anything and everything you can in order to put out a great image of professionalism, high-quality content, and customer service.

If you don’t exert any effort in utilizing your site to provide a positive impact on your audience, you will fall behind your competitors. To avoid this, consider hiring a Digital Marketing Assistant who can do graphic designing, content creation, and web designing for your digital platforms.

To ease your worries and save your time in looking for a skilled Digital Marketing Assistant, you should consider getting a virtual assistant from Global OfficeWorks.

Not only do they have expert and talented Digital Marketing Assistants, but they have a team who will manage and oversee the performance of your assistant on your behalf – to ensure that you can spend your valuable time on much more important tasks in your business.

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