It’s not a secret that we are now living in a period where almost anything can be done virtually.

With the use of high-speed internet, business owners can seek virtual assistance anywhere in the world.

Surprisingly, hiring home-based, freelance virtual assistants are not recommended in the business industry these days. Home-based VA’s may be affordable and convenient but it’s not that totally effective after all.

Global OfficeWorks provides solutions to all the reasons why you have not been successful with your previous freelancers. We provide, support, and manage your VA or your team of VA’s in our office.

We present some guidelines on why we think you should hire office-based virtual assistants for your business.

PROBLEM: You are here and they are “over there”. It is just “too much virtual”.

SOLUTION: Your GLOW employee works from our structured office environment with management and support staff available to them. We take the “Virtual” out and leave you with your “Assistant”. We provide training tools and systems to your employees.

PROBLEM: Your freelance VA has no support. There is no-one to turn to when they need help with something.

SOLUTION: GLOW  provides consistent support from both our training team and from other VA’s in the office. We find that usually there is someone who knows how to do it and can help your employees.

PROBLEM: Your freelance VA always disappears. Just when you get them trained and productive, they disappear. This may be because they have found a better paying or more exciting project. Or maybe they were embarrassed or offended by something which happened in their work.

SOLUTION: We provide our office-based employees financial and other incentives to treat their job as a career and stay long-term. People are less likely to quit their job which is also their social anchor. There is camaraderie in the office with others doing similar tasks. Their friends work here, too! Your assistant works for a local Philippine Company and enjoys a very enticing benefits package.

PROBLEM: Your previous freelancer VA’s had poor connections and a noisy work environment. (the roosters and screaming kids were a big distraction)

SOLUTION: Our office has redundant internet connections, backup generator, and a quiet office environment.

PROBLEM: They just don’t “get it”.

SOLUTION: We have systems in place requiring your assistant to explain each task back to you-before it is begun. This ensures complete comprehension.

Also, our employees receive constant face to face time with our president who is a dual American/Australian citizen and has lived in the Philippines for over 10 years. This helps them become more familiar with western culture and business practices.

PROBLEM: I never seem to be able to hire the ‘right’ person

SOLUTION: We have a proven multiple-step recruiting system. Before an employee is assigned to you, they will have been thoroughly reviewed, screened, and interviewed by our recruiting team. We usually review over 100 interviews to find the right team member for you.

PROBLEM: You just never knew what your freelancer VA was doing.

SOLUTION: We have communication systems in places such as screen sharing, detailed daily shift reports, project management solutions, a local phone number for calling and texting, Skype, CCTV, team viewer, and video conferencing.

Hiring an assistant who works in a structured office environment may sound more expensive than hiring a freelancer working from their home.

However, our pricing is still much less than what you pay for in-house staff.

When you consider all the benefits and support services we provide your assistant, you will realize the value of the service we provide to you.

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