Building your Virtual Assistant Team may sound hard and may take time to get the right ones.

Worry no more!

At Global OfficeWorks, we always try to make things better and that includes providing you a team of highly skilled VA’s. We aim to help you save your time, increase your productivity and make you more money with fewer costs.

Consider the following steps below for your business.

Determine what type of VA your business needs

Write down a list of things you do now. After a week or two, review the list and decide which tasks can you build a system around and outsource.

Train for the task, not the person. This way you only have to train once!

Document your Systems and store them on Google Sites

This may sound like an overwhelming task, but your VA can help make it easy for you.

  • Create a video of yourself (with narration) doing the tasks you intend to delegate to your VA. This is the most important thing you can do to ensure success.
  • One of the first things your VA should do once they are on your team is to set up a Google Site for you and create a “How To” subpage for each of the tasks you created. Once completed this page will contain a work flow chart, the video and the written transcription of your narration providing a step by step guide showing how to do it. You will need to review this with your VA as its being created. Remember, you are very familiar with this, they are not. It will take some review and critique from you before it’s exactly how you want it.
  • Your task list and systems don’t have to be complete or perfect before you get started with your VA. Just make sure there is enough for them to do. You can use your VA to help you build the systems as you go.

Why documenting your systems before getting a VA is so important

  • Your VA needs to follow a system. Imagine if you hired someone in your office and on their first day showed them their desk and said good luck, see you later.
  • Don’t invest all your time training a single person one on one. What if they don’t work out? Invest your time creating systems and documenting tasks and you will only have to do it once. As you grow, each new VA can follow the system which you have already created. We know that building a system is probably not your thing, but remember, once you do it, you won’t have to do that task anymore. Besides, using video to record yourself doing the task and having your VA write up the step by step instructions, comprises much of the system anyway, Your VA can do the rest from there.

What should you expect from your VA

  • With each task documented, especially using video tutorials, your VA can easily follow those directions.
  • Don’t have unrealistic exceptions for your VA. Superstars are not found. Superstars are made. Be sure to take the time to create the systems that will train your VA.

How long should the onboarding and training process take?

This is really up to you. The better your systems, the quicker your team will be up and running. Expect your VA to be somewhat productive within a week, but it will be several months before they are really up to speed with the majority of your needs.

Global OfficeWorks provides, supports and manages your team of full-time general virtual assistants. Your assistant works from our managed office facility and has a team of support staff to reach out to at any time.

All-Inclusive Cost

Global OfficeWork pricing structure is fully inclusive. It removes the burden of time-consuming and often expensive issues such as: recruiting, human resource management, payroll taxes, health insurance, social security & restrictions regarding the termination of employment. Additionally, you do not have to provide in-house office space for an additional employee, nor provide phone or IT equipment.

To receive further details showing you how Global OfficeWorks can increase your business income while drastically cutting your costs, please call, email or message us immediately.

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