Is blogging the latest trend in this digital age?

A blog is an online journal or informational website where a writer shares their views and opinions on a certain subject. Back then, people used it as an extension of their diary but now, most people use it as a medium to convey their thoughts and probably just anything that goes on their minds. It’s becoming a powerful tool especially if you’re doing it for educational and/or business purposes. However, it is important to know what kind of blog posts are you making and the audiences as to where it will be exposed.

What kind of blogger are you?

According to Brown (2019), there are 5 types of bloggers, namely the Part-Time Professional, the Hobbyist, the Full-Time Professional, the Corporate, and the Entrepreneur.

  • The Part-Time Professional – uses blogging to supplement income
  • The Hobbyist – mostly blogs for personal musings/fun but doesn’t earn an income
  • The Full-Time Professional – uses blogging as the primary source of income
  • The Corporate – blogs as part of their full-time job or full-time for an organization
  • The Entrepreneur – blogs for a company they own


These bloggers are the common folks when it comes to invading the web with the current trends, educational and/or business updates. They infiltrate the internet with a purpose. Furthermore, it is an inevitable fact that blogging is becoming a chart-topping career in the digital world. Indeed, Skrba (2018) stated in her article that “through blogging, companies keep clients and customers up to date”. This would mean that a blog post is effective in building relations in the business world and, thus, can potentially generate more earnings. Nevertheless, blogging is never easy. One must be playful or passionate in persuading others through words. It is a skill, they say.

Do you have what it takes to create interesting content to sell the products or services of your company? Do you plan to monetize your skills and put them into writing? Think well. This career could be yours to partake.

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