The need to hire virtual assistants to perform lead generation and administrative tasks have shown a tremendous increase in global statistics. According to Wolinsky (2018), the United States has a boom of 79.7% increase in the number of telecommunicating employees who have identified themselves under the category of virtual workers. The majority of the said workers come from the Philippines which scored 98.22% in UNESCO Literacy Rate statistics.

“Due to high literacy and therefore, top communication skills, Filipino remote workers have been in high demand over the past few years” (Digneo, 2019). Thus, hiring an assistant would not only give you convenience but will also maximize productivity.

Today, most businesses would need the help of virtual assistants regardless of the type of business they have. One of which is Real Estate in which it involves selling, buying and/or renting properties online. Furthermore, Global OfficeWorks provides, hosts, supports and manages your Inside Sales Agent (ISA) or Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA). It also has a team of Web Developers and Digital Marketers in which they enable you to employ a highly-skilled off-site workforce, at a fraction of your in-house cost.

The president of Global OfficeWorks is an experienced real estate professional who understands the needs of real estate agents. To him, having a team of skilled Virtual Assistants makes it seamless and effective in providing quality service to clients across the globe. He aims to produce quality service with the satisfaction of growing and helping your business.

It is for this reason why the company strives hard to produce quality output. Never miss any opportunity to grow your business. Choose the right brand, choose Global OfficeWorks.

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