1. Manage your VA the same way you would manage yours in house staff.

2.Delegate! Never do the same task more than twice! Record a desktop video of you performing the task you will be assigned, (with a transcript), then delegate it.

3. Build a personal relationship with your VA’s.

4. Store everything in the cloud. Remote access to your computer is slow, cumbersome, and uses excessive bandwidth.

5. Communicate with your Virtual Assistant every day.

6. Utilize a Project Management System. Do not rely on emails and chats

7. Review their End of Shift Reports regularly.

8. Define your tasks clearly. Provide detailed steps that define how you want each task to be completed and its priority or completion deadline. A flow chart is helpful.

9. Do not assume anything. Have your VA tell you their understanding of each task, prior to them starting it. This clears up any misunderstanding before any time is wasted.

10. Be aware of the cultural differences between you and your staff. Act accordingly.

11. Use templates whenever practicable.

12. Assign repetitive tasks.

13. Give positive feedback. When you provide feedback to whatever your Virtual Assistant is doing, begin by acknowledging their efforts before you give negative feedback. Make any negative feedback specific and constructive. Deliver it privately to your VA, not in a group session.

14. Make sure your Virtual Assistant understands the nature of your business and how the tasks that they’re doing for you fit into the big picture.

15. Understand your Virtual Assistant. What are they passionate about? Learn what drives them to come to work every day.

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