There are many benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. From saving time, money, and effort to keeping yourself healthy, hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to stay on top of your work and your family life.

 One aspect missed by most business owners that they sometimes fail to establish a strong working relationship with their Virtual Assistant.

So how exactly do you build this strong relationship?

Remember that your virtual assistant is also a person, a business person at that. Respect what he or she does for a living and understand that your VA is not just some name on your screen. Try to build a personal relationship with your VA. Hiring a virtual assistant from a different time zone can be a little tricky but easily remedied by setting up working hours suitable for both parties. Outside those working hours, understand that your VA is also entitled to his or her time.

Many online tools and applications have made communication over long distances possible and free. Use this technology effectively so you can set clear expectations for your virtual assistant.

Share your knowledge about your business, how it works, your work philosophy, and how you deal with your clients. After all, you want someone who cares about your livelihood as much as you do. Hiring a virtual assistant for the long haul may require you to spend time teaching and explaining new skills he or she may not have. Send your virtual assistant tutorial videos or articles that will make work easier so that he or she will have more time for other tasks.

Be considerate of your virtual assistant. Be patient with questions and answer them properly so that your VA can do the job right. Always remember to be mindful of the workload you are expecting your VA to fulfill, the reason why setting clear expectations must be done early on. Most of all, remember that a small “thank you” can go a long way. Always go to lengths to prevent their embarrassment.

Establishing a strong relationship with your VA means the working relationship will last longer, saving you the time and money it takes to find and hire a new different VA over and over again. Trust between you and your VA also grows, making you more comfortable in delegating increasingly important tasks.

So take the time to strengthen this relationship and see how this will greatly improve the way you run your business.

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