Why You Need An Inside Sales Agent

Are you looking into growing your team but don’t know where and how to start? Business is growing, eating up most of your time and sacrificing your time with important people in your life.

Solution? Hire an Inside Sales Agent!

ISAs are also called: Call Crushers, Phone Animals, “Seekers and Cultivators”, to name a few. Whatever you call them, they are considered crucial hires as the catalyst for record numbers. Growing your business can be a tedious process as it grows, you quickly begin to feel stretched. Having a dedicated person generating and converting leads can make you and the rest of your team focus more on your core roles.

Inside Sales Agent or ISA is a highly skilled salesperson who is both comfortable and productive spending 80-90% of their time on the phone. While your REVA (Real Estate Virtual Assistant) is handling your administrative tasks, your ISAs is doing the follow-up and setting appointments for you with prospects that are ready to buy and sell.

Here are some of the things your ISAs can do for you:

  • Prospecting for new leads: that way you are assured that no good lead will ever be overlooked.
  • Servicing inbound leads from sign calls and other marketing sources: Sense of urgency and immediate response to these inquiries help build credibility and trustworthiness for your business.
  • Calling Expired Listings and FSBOs to set listing appointments: Securing Listing is the lifeline of your business success, dedicating time going over the long list of leads increases the possibility of obtaining listings.
  • Converting Leads to appointments for sales agents: After filtering the long list of leads, you’d be able to have quality through puts for you to work on, either securing a listing or buyer agreement.

To learn more about how our ISA can drive you more business, please visit: https://www.globalofficeworks.com/inside-sales-agents.

To review a list of tasks which your Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) can help you with, please visit: https://www.globalofficeworks.com/what-your-reva-can-do-for-you.

For more information, please visit us at www.globalofficeworks.com. If you would like to receive further details showing you how Global OfficeWorks can increase your business income while drastically cutting your costs, please call or text us immediately at (970) 722-6300.

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